Who won Jeopardy! tonight? September 28, 2022, Wednesday


One of the most popular syndicated game shows on television, Jeopardy!, returned with a new episode on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

Season 39 of the series started on September 12, 2022, with Luigi de Guzman, the winner of the previous season’s final episode.

However, the winning streak currently belongs to David Sibley, who returned to Wednesday’s episode after securing two victories this week. The Episcopal priest from Walla Walla, Washington, has total two-day earnings of $44,200.

In the latest episode, David played against two new players — Sam Wang, a statistics professor from Ithaca, New York, and Emily Hackbarth, a middle school counselor from Ames, Iowa.

Today’s Jeopardy! winner, David Sibley

David Sibley’s second round score was the only reason behind his win today.

The categories for the first round were Off To New England, Hatchet Man, History, One-Named Rock Stars, Material, and I Long For Long ‘U’.

David finished the first round in third place. He gave 10 correct answers and four incorrect responses to bank $2,200. Sam Wang gave nine correct answers and two incorrect responses, earning $2,600.

The winner of the first round was Emily Hackbarth, who correctly answered 14 questions, one of which was a True Daily Double. With zero wrong answers, she scored $7,600.

In the second round, the categories were Cliff Notes, A Letter Then A Word, The Right Brothers, The Actor’s Studio, Naturalists, and And The State Goes To.

Sam and Emily tried their best in the Double Jeopardy round but couldn’t surpass David’s score. They banked $7,800 (Sam) and $8,800 (Emily.) David, on the other hand, got two Daily Doubles and 11 correct answers, scoring $14,600.

The Final Jeopardy round was a difficult one as none of the players could deliver the correct answer. However, since Sam and Emily’s scores were lower than David’s, they couldn’t beat him in the final round. David played smartly as he wagered a lesser amount to maintain the upper hand.

Hence, David Sibley won Jeopardy! today.

David Sibley: Tonight's winner (Image via Jeopardy)
David Sibley: Tonight’s winner (Image via Jeopardy)

Final Jeopardy! results today

The category for the final round in the September 28 episode was “World Rivers,” and the clue read:

“These two rivers share the names of countries, end with the same four letters, and both join up with the Paraná River.”

The correct answer to the final question was Uruguay and Paraguay.


None of the players gave the right answer. Here’s a look at the final results of Wednesday’s episode:

David Sibley: $14,600 – $3,001 = $11,599 (What is Peru + Ecuador?) (3-day total: $55,799)

Emily Hackbarth: $8,800 – $6,000 = $2,800 (What are the Panama + ?)

Sam Wang: $7,800 – $7,700 = $100 (What are Congo & Zimbabwe?)

With today’s win, David became a three-day champion with a total score of $55,799. He will return in the next episode to defend his win against two new players. Only time will tell whether he will be able to maintain his winning streak.

According to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Walla Walla, David is a rector who works towards the “spiritual growth” of people. The South Carolina native completed his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in chemistry from Furman University in Greenville. He loves sports and is married to a Western Washington native named Emily.

The next episode of Jeopardy! Season 39, hosted by Ken Jennings, will air on Thursday, September 29, 2022.

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