What are the bookies odds for Cricket World Cup 2023


Cricket is regarded as an elite sport, and many people play competitive games of elite cricket with friends. The top national cricket teams from several nations compete in competitions, national leagues, and the Cricket World Cup in 2023.

You can currently enjoy a casino promo code 2022 to bet on the event while we wait for the Cricket World Cup 2023, which will be held by India between October and November 2022. While many nations, including Pakistan and South Africa, appear to be favourites to win it all, the host nation, India, also wants to claim the overall victory.

Bookie favourites for the Cricket World Cup 2023

India and cricket have always gotten along well. Indian locals play as much cricket as Brazilians do football as part of their upbringing. In India, cricket is extremely popular.

India was slated to host the World Cup, and why not? India temporarily hosted 1987, 1996, and 2011 World Cups. India is a nation rich in culture, joy, and enthusiasm for cricket, so the thrill of hosting it there is increased by the country’s previous victories in the competition.

Team morale and the outstanding players that will make up the World Cup National Team will be at an all-time high because India is their home country. It is Virat Kohli’s strength to inspire and develop each of his players, which translates on the Cricket pitch for India.

Will India possess the bravery and skill necessary to win the 2023 World Cup?


England is another Cricket World Cup contender to win the 2023 Cricket World Cup. Having won already the 2019 edition, the team is expected to do well, and as the Brits state, ‘Bring it home’.

While the English cricket team does boast some true cricket champions, there is still room for improvement before the World Cup, and coach Brendon McCullum has pledged to make that happen. And if England must play India, the work must be done to prevent a repeat of their most recent defeats at the hands of the host nation.

Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, and Phil Salt are just a few of the great cricket players that will continue to play for England. In the opinion of many bettors and bookmaker review sites, the presence of these players increases England’s chances of winning the entire tournament.

India remains a difficult opponent to face, even though the English squad contains some genuine cricket champions. England has done relatively well this year, defeating South Africa, the Netherlands, and Pakistan. Will England possess the skills necessary to win the title of best among the greatest?


Another popular sport in Australia that many people adore is cricket. Australia is skilled at cricket, as seen by their five overall tournament victories. We eagerly anticipate their success at the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

Australia’s national cricket team has performed admirably this year, being strong on offence and defence. Australia is in the lead to win the Cricket World Cup after victories over New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies. The sole issue? India and Australia have faced off against each other frequently this year, with the latter winning most of the matches.

Does Australia have what it takes to continue with its winning streak to reach World Cup Glory? But the better question is: Did Australia change its game plan and strategy since losing to India in the last couple of months?

New Zealand

One of the best teams to ever compete in the game of cricket is New Zealand. New Zealand has twice advanced to the finals of the Cricket World Cup with outstanding vigour and teamwork. The first defeat occurred in the 2015 World Cup Final, which Australia’s neighbours ultimately won. Then, in 2019, New Zealand lost to England by a small margin after another close call. Will the team want to avenge that loss? And do they have what it takes to beat the likes of India and England?

Looking at some of the prior 2022 matches, New Zealand is actually not doing all that poorly. The coach and players are all driven to compete at the Cricket World Cup after winning matches against groups like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and even South Africa. The team should review games against Australia and India, though, as those two sides appear to be the hardest opponents for New Zealand.


Just Like India, Pakistan has a long-standing association with cricket. Having won the last time in 1992, Pakistan’s cricket team feel it is about time that the title reaches home. Beaten by Australia in the 1999 Final, Pakistan reached the top tournament ranks many times; however, it always failed to win it all. Will the 2023 Cricket tournament be a good place for Pakistan to redeem itself?

Pakistan’s form and readiness for the Cricket World Cup can solely be assessed using matches they have played. Looking back at some of the matches, Pakistan won and lost against Australia, outright won against the West Indies, and also secured wins against favourites New Zealand.

If there is a day and time for Pakistan to reach Cricket World Cup glory, we can assure you it is now. Will Pakistan finally win what was lost in the 1999 Final? Is Pakistan ready to take home the World Cup? Only Pakistan can answer this question. The team might be underdogs, but they are the most respected and bet-on underdogs in cricket world cup history!

How to bet on the Cricket World Cup 2023 and win

Now that we have established who are the fan and bookie favourites to win the 2023 Cricket World Cup, it is time to talk about betting. Here are some hints and tips from yours truly on how to make it and win with your World Cup Bets.

Betting Strategy – Start by reading and building your knowledge of Cricket. Know how the points are scored and all the betting markets available for your to bet on. Build your betting strategy to have a successful play!

Licensed Betting Sites – Place your bets only at licensed and regulated gambling sites, whilst staying away from rouge sites. Regulates sites abide by rules and regulations that ultimately safeguard you as a player and promote responsible gambling practices.

Manage your bankroll – Split your bets, and keep track of your bankroll. Do not go all in with your bets before having the necessary knowledge. Also, remember that losses are a sign for you to either stay away from betting or work on your betting strategy. Never bet more after a loss.

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