University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp: Cost, Review, and Guide


The University of Richmond is an excellent university located in historic Richmond, Virginia. This university has a long-standing reputation for great courses, and it’s a popular destination for students of all backgrounds. The prestigious liberal arts university, established in 1830, is well known across the country for its high academic standards. 

Despite its age, the University of Richmond now offers a progressive education program that is designed to meet the needs of 21st-century students. The university has collaborated with Trilogy Education Services to create its own university coding bootcamp, which allows students to learn everything they need to land a lucrative tech job in just a few short months.

Coding bootcamps are a proven way to break into the tech industry, and they’re the future of career and technical education. The University of Richmond Boot Camps are new, but they are already widely acclaimed by former students. In this article, we’ll explore the University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp and the rest of this school’s excellent tech education programs.

University of Richmond Bootcamp Courses

Description Each University of Richmond Boot Camp has a high-quality, industry-led curriculum. The coding course tackles HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Node.js, React.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Java, Git, and other vital languages. The data analytics bootcamp teaches Excel, JavaScript, Python, SQL databases, Tableau, and other related platforms and coding languages. The cyber security program covers CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+, systems administration, and more.
Cost $10,995 – $11,995
Location Richmond, VA; online
Start Dates Rolling admission
Class Time Cybersecurity: 10 hours per week

Coding: 9 hours per week 

Data Analytics: 4 hours per week

Program Duration Part-Time: 24 weeks
Part-Time Courses Coding, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity
Full-Time Courses N/A

Top University of Richmond Bootcamp Programs

Students can learn a wide range of technical skills by attending the University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp. The same is true for the data analytics and cyber security programs. All of these programs give students hands-on experience with in-demand technology. 

Though these courses cover difficult material, University of Richmond Boot Camps also offers a variety of support services to students. Learn more about the curricula of these programs below.

University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp

The University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp is a part-time program that lasts 24 weeks and costs $10,995. Classes are held online three days a week and cover everything students need to know to become industry professionals. You do not need programming experience to join this bootcamp. 

What you will learn at University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp:

  • Fundamental web development skills. Top programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, are taught at the beginning of the program. Students will also learn how to use jQuery, JSON, and AJAX.
  • Full stack web application development. Students will develop the ability to fully develop a web application. This will include writing Node.js code, learning how to use MySQL databases, and connecting backend and front end technologies.
  • Web application optimization. In this section of the program, students will learn how to improve the efficiency and speed of their web applications. It covers NoSQL databases, React, progressive web applications, and more. 

University of Richmond Data Analytics Boot Camp

The University of Richmond Data Analytics Boot Camp is a 24-week program that runs on a part-time schedule. It aims to teach students the data analytics skills they need to get a job in tech upon graduating. This online program costs $11,995.

What you will learn at University of Richmond Data Analytics Boot Camp:

  • Fundamental data analytics skills. First, students will learn fundamental statistics and essential Excel competencies. In addition, students will develop Python programming skills for data analysis, including NumPy, SciPy, pandas, and more. 
  • Databases and web visualization. Students will gain important database skills in MongoDB and PostgreSQL. They will also learn how to use front end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Leaflet.js, and more.
  • Advanced data analytics. The advanced topics that this program covers include both supervised and unsupervised machine learning, R programming, deep learning, and Hadoop

University of Richmond Cybersecurity Boot Camp

University of Richmond’s Cybersecurity Boot Camp covers 24 intensive weeks of lessons. Through hands-on projects, even those without experience will be able to reach their cyber security career goals after graduating. This challenging, part-time program is hosted online and costs $11,995.

What you will learn at University of Richmond Cybersecurity Boot Camp:

  • Cyber security fundamentals. Students will learn about the CIA Triad, governance, risk analysis and mitigation, and business continuity strategies.
  • Systems administration and networking. In this section of the program, students will learn how to configure both Windows and Linux servers. They will also learn about email, cloud, and wireless security, encryption, port scanning, and traffic analysis. 
  • Defensive and offensive cyber security. For defensive cyber security, students will learn about the incident response framework, data recovery, digital forensics, and Splunk. For offensive cyber security efforts, students will learn how to work with Burp Suite, SQL injections, web shells, Zenmap, and other prominent technologies.

University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp Review

Overall, University of Richmond Boot Camps reviews show that students found value in the programs, though they did find them very challenging. One reviewer noted, “There are many types of student support, a student success manager, teachers’ assistants, tutors, and instructors.” The bootcamp also offers career services to help students through the application and interview process. 

In fact, one graduate said, “I attended the bootcamp because I wanted to make a complete career shift. Now that I have achieved my goal, I can say the bootcamp was instrumental in making this happen.” Previous students, both with and without prior coding experience, note that the curricula of University of Richmond Boot Camps’ programs gave them the industry knowledge and skills applicable to their desired fields. 

University of Richmond Boot Camp Cost

While it’s necessary to consider University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp’s tuition carefully, this coding bootcamp is a superb value.

In the United States, coding bootcamp tuition can vary widely. That said, they generally cost between $8,000 and $20,000 per course, depending on both the length and intensity of the course. Some highly selective courses cost more, but that’s not the case with University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp tuition. The coding course costs only $10,995 for 24 weeks of intensive training, and its part-time data analytics and cyber security courses cost $11,995. 

At worst, the price of this coding bootcamp is average. At best, it’s on the low end of the cost spectrum for a program of its caliber. Of course, most people can’t afford to lay down ten grand overnight for University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp tuition, and that’s just fine. The university offers scholarships for the program, and other non-affiliated scholarships can save you a significant amount of money. 

There are also financing options that don’t require an enormous amount of time to pay off. Don’t forget that coding bootcamp education is an investment, and it’s an excellent investment at that, considering the successes this program’s graduates have already had.

University of Richmond Payment Options 

There are several payment options that make University of Richmond Boot Camps more affordable to students. From an upfront payment to payment plans, students can make the financial decisions that suit them best when it comes to paying tuition. 

You can even opt for a student loan for the University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp. Learn more about the various payment options below. 

Upfront Payment

The most straightforward payment option is to simply pay your tuition upfront before the program begins. That being said, many students are not in the financial position to make such a large payment upfront. To help with this, the school does offer an early registration discount. 

Payment Plan

Students can also take advantage of the school’s interest-free payment plan, which allows students to break up their tuition into several installments. As University of Richmond Boot Camps does not provide details about its payment plans on its website, students can learn more by contacting the admissions department. 


Alumni of the university can benefit from the University of Richmond Boot Camp scholarship. This scholarship awards University of Richmond graduates $500 that they can apply toward their bootcamp tuition. 

Student Loan

As mentioned, students can also get a loan for University of Richmond Boot Camps. The school partners with two bootcamp lenders, Climb Credit and Meritize, so that students can get financial assistance with their tuition. However, you should keep in mind that coding bootcamp loans require recipients to pay back interest on their loan amount. 

University of Richmond Admissions Process

University of Richmond Boot Camps’ admission process consists of a few simple steps. Though prospective students do not need any prior experience to apply, they should be able to demonstrate critical thinking skills. To learn more about how to apply for one of these bootcamp programs, read through the steps below.

  • Send an inquiry. The first step of the University of Richmond Boot Camps admission process is to submit an inquiry form. This is a basic form that will include your contact details and signal which program you are interested in joining. 
  • Talk to an admissions advisor. Next, a representative from the school will call you. The initial phone interview will help the admissions team learn more about your personal and educational background and why you want to join a bootcamp program.
  • Complete the assessment test. Next, prospective students will need to complete a problem-solving assessment. This will help gauge a student’s logic and reasoning skills. No coding experience is required for this assessment. 
  • Sign an enrollment agreement. If you have successfully passed the application process, the last step is to secure your seat in the program by signing an enrollment agreement. Doing so will commit you to the program and put you on the hook to pay tuition. 
  • Select a payment option. Finally, admitted students can select the payment option that best suits them. Whether they want to make an upfront payment or take out a student loan, students should make a choice before the bootcamp actually begins. 

University of Richmond Bootcamp Instructors

The instructors at the University of Richmond’s coding bootcamp are top-notch, and students back this up in their reviews. These instructors understand the fundamentals of coding, and they’re experts in their specific fields, meaning they have plenty of first-hand knowledge to pass on to students. These professional instructors are also accommodating, and students have access to quality tutors and TAs to help them when the instructors are unavailable. 

Like many other Trilogy-backed coding bootcamps, the University of Richmond’s program is an excellent place for beginners to master this craft. The proof is in the reviews, and there’s hardly a reason to disagree. That said, it’s still necessary to prepare before attending and know exactly what a coding bootcamp is to ensure you get the most out of the program.

Bootcamp Schedule

A planner open with a black and gold pen on it.
University of Richmond Boot Camps’ programs require students to spend additional time studying outside of designated class time.

Part-time classes at the University of Richmond’s coding bootcamp follow the same schedule as many other Trilogy programs. Classes for the coding program are dubbed ‘flex’ to indicate their flexibility. Classes run on two weeknights from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, and again on Saturday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. These flexible night and weekend hours make the part-time program a big hit with students, as they can attend school or work during the day and still take their classes in the evenings. 

However, it’s important to remember that work doesn’t stop when class ends. Coding bootcamp students here should expect an additional 20 hours of work during the week, at a minimum, for collaborative and homework assignments. It’s important not to miss class, as it’s easy to fall behind due to the heavy workload.

University of Richmond Bootcamp Curriculum

Two screens showing lines of code.
The University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp’s curriculum is dense and includes many coding languages.

The curriculum at this coding bootcamp is dense, which is typical for courses of its type. The University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp covers all the primary web development languages needed to land an entry-level job, along with portfolio-building projects to help students earn real-world experience in the field. Full stack students can expect to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Node.js, React.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Java, Git, and other vital languages and frameworks. 

The university also offers a data analytics bootcamp, in which students learn to use Excel, JavaScript, Python, SQL databases, Tableau, and other related platforms and coding languages. While its cyber security program is less coding-intensive, students still learn valuable skills in cloud, email, and wireless security. It’s an intensive program designed for both university students and non-students seeking a new career path.


Many people take to Reddit to express their honest opinions about a wide variety of topics, including coding bootcamps. In this case, there isn’t much on the platform about the University of Richmond’s coding bootcamp. However, we can still look at similar programs to gauge the forum’s opinion on the topic. 

For some reason, coding bootcamps stir strong emotions on Reddit, with some being for, and some against bootcamps. Overall, most Redditors seem to take a position of curiosity about these programs, with many merely asking for more information from former students. 

Though there is a lack of information about University of Richmond Boot Camps on Reddit, there are plenty of student testimonials on the school’s website. Students offered testimonials saying things such as, “it was an awesome life-changing experience” and “this program is very rewarding for those able and driven to put in the necessary time and energy.”

University of Richmond Boot Camp Job Placement

An animation of a resume and a business professional holding a laptop.
University of Richmond Boot Camps allow you to learn while simultaneously building a portfolio, which increases your chances of finding a high-paying job.

Coding bootcamps have a reputation for excellent job placement, and the University of Richmond’s program is no exception. Some coding bootcamps publish job placement statistics, but this one doesn’t because it hasn’t been around long enough to gauge student success accurately. That said, there are plenty of online anecdotes and student success stories from the University of Richmond’s coding bootcamp. Further research on the program confirms this, as the bootcamp offers specialized career services for all students. 

This bootcamp doesn’t publish job placement statistics, so only time will tell what the exact numbers will be, but most coding bootcamps report graduate success rates between 70 and 90 percent. With that in mind, it’s clear why these coding bootcamps are a proven path to success in the tech industry.

Is University of Richmond Boot Camps Worth It?

A University of Richmond bootcamp is worth it if you are prepared to work hard to develop new skills and reach your career goals. The school’s bootcamp offerings are intensive programs that require a high degree of dedication from students. If you enroll in one of these programs, you should be prepared for a heavy workload of technical topics. 

With that, University of Richmond Boot Camps present a great opportunity for students without coding experience or technical skills to gain the knowledge they need to start a new career path. In just a matter of months, bootcamp students can master industry-driven skills and land a high-paying job. 

University of Richmond Boot Camps FAQ

Are University of Richmond bootcamps hard to get into?

No, University of Richmond Boot Camps is not hard to get into. Students do not need prior experience in order to join a University of Richmond bootcamp. Prospective students simply need to demonstrate that they are dedicated to learning new technical skills and are up to the challenge of a rigorous program.

How much does a University of Richmond bootcamp cost?

Bootcamp courses at the University of Richmond cost between around $10,995 and $11,995. The tuition for these programs can be paid upfront, through a payment plan, or with the help of student loans. In addition, University of Richmond alumni may be eligible for a $500 bootcamp scholarship. 

Can non-students attend University of Richmond Boot Camps?

Yes, non-students can attend these bootcamp programs. In other words, you don’t have to be a college student to attend the University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp, Data Analytics Boot Camp, or Cybersecurity Boot Camp. However, you will still have to go through an application process, as the bootcamp programs are not open enrollment. 

Does the University of Richmond offer college credits for attending its bootcamp?

No, the University of Richmond doesn’t offer credits through its bootcamp programs. Instead, bootcamp graduates earn a coding certificate from the university. Regardless, bootcamp students still learn in-demand technical skills that enable them to launch new careers in the tech industry. 

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