UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camps: Reviews, Cost, and Guide


nearly enough to make you stand out and get you the best jobs. In order to succeed, you will need to acquire new skills. 

Programming abilities are in high demand, and you can get substantial software development experience in a hurry when you attend a university coding bootcamp. Programs like the UNC-Chapel Hill Coding Boot Camp might be just the ticket for your professional development.

After reviewing the UNC coding bootcamp, we are here to provide you with all of the program’s facts and figures. We examine where classes are held and what topics you will study. In addition, we discuss what former students think of the program and what you should expect to pay for the course. Finally, we discuss UNC boot camp schedules and career services.

UNC-Chapel Hill Bootcamp Courses

Description Currently, there are five bootcamps available through UNC-Chapel Hill. The five bootcamps are Coding Boot Camp, Data Analytics Boot Camp, Digital Marketing Boot Camp, Technology Product Management Boot Camp, and Project Manager Boot Camp. 

Each bootcamp is specifically designed to provide students with a comprehensive curriculum to prepare them for a career in the field of their choosing. Each bootcamp provides practical hands-on experience, tutoring, and career services.

Cost $12,245
Location Online
Start Dates Quarterly Admission
Class Time Part-Time: 9 hrs./wk.
Program Duration Part-Time: 18 or 24 weeks
Part-Time Courses Coding Boot Camp, Data Analytics Boot Camp, Digital Marketing Boot Camp, Technology Product Management, and Product Manager
Full-Time Courses N/A

Top UNC-Chapel Hill Bootcamp Programs

There are five online bootcamp programs available at UNC-Chapel Hill. These bootcamps provide students with the foundational skills they need to succeed in their chosen career path. Each course is curated by industry experts and utilizes hands-on projects to provide students with real-world knowledge. All bootcamps are virtual, making it convenient for busy learners.

UNC-Chapel Hill Coding Boot Camp

This comprehensive bootcamp provides students with the skills they need to become web developers. This bootcamp has an immersive and fast-paced curriculum to provide students with the foundational skills they need to become experts in their chosen field.

What you will learn at UNC-Chapel Hill Coding Boot Camp

  • Computer Science Applied to JavaScript. This course focuses on computer science as it is applied to JavaScript. It covers core competencies such as algorithms, efficiency, time complexity, Big O Notation, and data structures.
  • Browser Based Technologies. The UNC-Chapel Hill Coding Boot Camp will provide students with skills in HTML, CSS, responsive design, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, handlebars, local storage, session storage, indexedDB, and React.js.
  • API Interaction. Students will take a deep dive into API, JSON, and AJAX to understand how they function in web development and how to use them to create more efficient and streamlined websites and applications.

UNC-Chapel Hill Data Analytics Boot Camp

The UNC-Chapel Hill Data  Analytics Boot Camp is designed to teach complete beginners the specialized skills they need to clean, analyze, and manipulate big data and other datasets. This 24-week program is flexible and has a part-time format which is ideal for students who work or go to school full time.

What you will learn at UNC-Chapel Hill Data Analytics Boot Camp

  • Front End Web Visualization. This bootcamp provides students with the specialized skills to create stunning front end web visualizations. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, dashboarding, JavaScript charting, and geomapping are covered as part of the program.
  • Python Programming. Students will explore the Python Programming language in depth. This bootcamp will cover Python 3, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and API interactions. Each covered topic will directly relate to data analytics and how to utilize the knowledge for cleaner, more accurate data.
  • Advanced Data Topics. After learning the core concepts of data analytics, students will explore more advanced topics that are often utilized by data analytics experts. Students will learn about R programming, big data analysis, Hadoop, supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, and deep learning.

UNC-Chapel Hill Digital Marketing Boot Camp

The UNC-Chapel Hill Digital Marketing Boot Camp is an 18-week part-time bootcamp program that teaches students the core skills they need to succeed as digital marketing professionals. The course covers marketing strategy, digital advertising, campaign development, and modern marketing tools.

What you will learn at UNC-Chapel Hill Digital Marketing Boot Camp

  • Marketing Strategy. Students will gain comprehensive knowledge in data strategies, customer journeys, digital funnels, content strategy, and organic social media. Students will also learn how to create an in-depth marketing strategy.
  • Campaign and Web Optimization. Students will learn about search engine optimization, link building, WordPress, content optimization, domain authority, and conversion tracking.
  • Digital Advertising. Students will take a deep dive into paid advertising, display advertising, audience branding, customer relationship management, and marketing automation to drive successful marketing campaigns and branding.

UNC-Chapel Hill Tech Project Management Boot Camp

The UNC-Chapel Hill Tech Project Management Boot Camp provides students with comprehensive knowledge of project management in the technology industry. This is an 18-week bootcamp with a part-time schedule to accommodate the busiest of students. The curriculum is widely project-based and utilizes real-world examples.

What you will learn at UNC-Chapel Hill Tech Project Management Boot Camp

  • Software Development. This comprehensive bootcamp provides students with foundational knowledge in the software development lifecycle, budgeting, procurement, vendor management, process mapping, and testing, which are widely utilized in the field.
  • Project Management. Students will learn the difference between traditional management, project management in operations, and hybrid project management. Students will understand the core competencies of each type of management and when to apply and use each methodology appropriately.
  • Agile and Scrum Methodologies. Students will learn about the Agile and Scrum frameworks of management. Specifically, they will learn about story point estimation, the Agile Manifesto, Scrum ceremonies, value-based prioritization, and sprint reviews and retrospectives.

UNC-Chapel Hill Product Management Boot Camp

The UNC-Chapel Hill Product Management Boot Camp provides students with the core competencies needed to excel in a product management career. This 18-week part-time boot camp focuses on product lifecycle, development, and positioning. It also covers customer relations and pricing for optimal results.

What you will learn at UNC-Chapel Hill Product Management Boot Camp

  • Develop the Essentials. This bootcamp program provides students with knowledge about cross-functional leadership, Agile project management, persona development, business model development, and other essentials to begin the product lifecycle.
  • Deliver Great Products. Students will learn how to create a plan to deliver the best products available through roadmap development, OKRs and KPIs, feature prioritization, data analysis, and product optimization.
  • Set Yourself Apart. This bootcamp also provides students with the knowledge that it is important to set the product apart from others. It teaches students to utilize design thinking, SQL, rapid prototyping, data visualization, and Tableau for the best results.

Bootcamp Locations

Previously, UNC-Chapel Hill offered bootcamp programs on campus. To ensure the safety of students, the school has opted to hold all bootcamps virtually due to COVID-19. An online learning portal is now available to students for the purpose of taking courses online.

Each online bootcamp offers the same comprehensive education with top-tier professors and experts. As part of each course, students have access to career services, tutoring, and additional downloadable resources to assist them during the learning process.

In general, the program itself remains the same, but the format has been modified in order to ensure the safety of the students.

UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camp Reviews

Former UNC-Chapel Hill coding bootcamp students have positive things to say about the program. On the Career Karam website, one student said:

“You come out of the program with three solid projects that help clearly demonstrate your newly gained abilities. The instructors and TAs are nothing but helpful every step of the way. There are many career services available to students, even after the program ends.”

Another student said that “Instructor-led classes drive participation and discussions. I was able to achieve a PSMI through scrum.org with a week of test prep in class and outside studying.” The overall reviews for this coding bootcamp speak for themselves. The program is highly-rated and many students have received top-tier education and experiences while attending.

UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camp Cost

UNC-Chapel Hill bootcamp tuition is affordable when compared to a traditional four-year university degree.

We all like to save as much money as possible, which is why it is a good idea to find out how much bootcamp will cost. Various schools charge different amounts, so with some research, you will be able to find a bootcamp that meets your needs and won’t break the bank. How much does UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camp cost?

The UNC-Chapel Hill Tuition cost is $12,245. You can pay for your tuition using a variety of methods, including different payment plans and financial assistance. 

Additionally, the school offers a $500 scholarship to assist you in keeping your expenses low. If you are a veteran, you can utilize your GI Bill to pay for the class, and you should also review EQUIP, a federal assistance program for school-based boot camps.

UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camp Payment Options

When it comes to UNC-Chapel Hill coding bootcamp financing, there are many different options you can utilize. UNC-Chapel Hill offers different payment options to better assist students who are not able to pay for the entire program upfront. Below we have outlined each payment option.

Upfront Payment

The first available UNC-Chapel Hill coding bootcamp financing option is upfront payment. Using this method will entail the largest tuition discount.

Interest-Free Payment Plan

With the interest-free payment plan, students place a down payment toward the tuition cost. Once the down payment is made, the remaining balance will be split into monthly installments. Keep in mind the larger the deposit, the smaller the monthly payments.


There are also student loans available for coding bootcamps. Student loans are a great way to afford your dream education when you do not have the full tuition available. Most student loans do not require repayment until 6 months after the completion of a student’s education.


Scholarships can assist students to pay tuition at UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camp. Many of these scholarships are offered by professional organizations in the tech sector.

UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camp Admission Process

Once you understand the cost of tuition, it is time to begin the UNC-Chapel Hill coding bootcamp admissions process. Admission to a coding bootcamp is not automatically guaranteed. In fact, many bootcamps have a competitive admissions process. We have outlined the admissions process for UNC-Chapel Hill for you below.

  • Apply. The very first step in the admissions process is to apply to the bootcamp of your choosing through the online portal on the UNC-Chapel Hill website. This application will ask basic questions such as name, address, phone number, financial history, educational history, and reason for your interest.
  • Admissions Interview. Once your online application is submitted, it will be reviewed by an admissions specialist or team. The team or specialist will then set up an interview with the applicant. The interview will cover questions about education, interest, and overall goals with the program.
  • Critical Thinking Assessment. After passing the admissions interview, the prospective student will be provided with a critical thinking assessment. This assessment will provide the admissions team with an overview of a student’s competencies when faced with challenging situations on their own.
  • Problem Solving Assessment. If a student successfully passes the critical thinking assessment, they will then have to complete a problem-solving assessment. This will allow the admissions team to determine whether or not a student will excel in a self-paced online learning environment.
  • Payment. After passing the admissions interview and assessments, the student will be accepted into the bootcamp program. The student is given a welcome packet and will have to make a decision regarding how to pay tuition. Once a payment method is selected, students can take a prep course.

Bootcamp Instructors

A good teacher can make a significant difference in our lives, so it is natural to seek out a coding bootcamp with a staff of highly skilled and dedicated instructors. It is the responsibility of a good bootcamp teacher to ensure that all of their students are on track and capable of handling the next subject and to take the time to assist anyone who needs extra assistance.

The UNC bootcamp draws its instructors from the business community. At UNC coding bootcamps, you’ll learn from instructors with tons of practical experience and a desire to share. You’ll have access to tutoring sessions and one-on-one meetings when needed.

Bootcamp Schedule

Once you have identified a bootcamp that meets your needs, you will have to jump through a few hoops in order to gain admission. You will meet with faculty and staff to ensure that you are ready for the class, and then you will choose a course schedule that most suits your needs. You should find a schedule that is suitable for your lifestyle, regardless of whether you hold two jobs or none at all.

Each coding bootcamp at UNC-Chapel Hill has different days and times for each course. All courses have a part-time format which is convenient for most busy schedules. It is important to understand the schedule for the bootcamp you have selected before enrolling in it. If you cannot commit to the schedule, then the program is not the right fit for you. 

UNC-Chapel Hill Coding Bootcamp Curriculum

A group of UNC-Chaoel Hill coding bootcamp students looking at a Mac computer.
Students who partake in a UNC-Chapel Hill coding bootcamp will be better prepared for a position in the tech field.

In recent years, technology bootcamps have gained a great deal of attention, which has led to a renewed focus on curriculum development. The UNC-Chapel Hill coding bootcamp curriculum is comprehensive. Each bootcamp program provides students with the foundational skills they need to succeed in the technology sector of their choosing. All courses are led by industry experts, and each program provides tutoring for each enrolled student.

The bootcamp programs utilize hands-on experience, projects, and real-world examples to better train students with relevant information and core skills. Students who successfully complete a coding bootcamp with UNC-Chapel Hill will be better prepared for a position in the technology sector.

Bootcamp Job Placement

After attending bootcamp and becoming familiar with coding languages and frameworks, it is now time to put those skills into practice. To accomplish this, you must obtain a job. After all, all of that education is useless if it cannot be put into practice. As a result, many bootcamps offer comprehensive career assistance in addition to their classroom instruction.

During the UNC-Chapel Hill coding bootcamp, you will have access to a team of career assistance professionals. This course will teach you how to make your resume stand out, as well as how to conduct an effective interview, which can make the difference between looking for work and getting a great programming job right out of the gate.

Coding education will prepare you for a lifetime of success, which is where our guide comes in. A UNC-Chapel Hill coding bootcamp education provides students with jobs after their successful completion. This program is ideal for any student looking to start a new career or upskill to better themselves and their salary.

Are UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camps Worth It?

UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camps are worth it. These comprehensive bootcamps provide students with modern core skills in the technology field of their choosing. Each course is curated by an industry professional with many years of experience. Additionally, each student is provided with tutoring and career services. The program is designed to help students excel during the program and find employment once they graduate.

UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camps FAQ

Can non-students attend a UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camp?

Yes, the UNC-Chapel Hill bootcamp is open to non-students and college students. The bootcamp programs are all virtual, so students can take part in a bootcamp from anywhere in the world as long as they have a good internet connection and computer.

Do UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camps offer college credits?

No, UNC-Chapel Hill doesn’t award college credits to bootcamp students. Nonetheless, bootcamp graduates receive a coding certificate from the university. This certificate serves as valuable tangible evidence of a student’s skills which makes them more employable and provides them with a competitive edge against other candidates. 

What kind of job can I expect after finishing the UNC-Chapel Hill Coding Boot Camp? 

Students can expect a wide range of jobs after finishing a UNC-Chapel Hill coding bootcamp. For example, students who complete the data analytics bootcamp can become data scientists, data analysts, or big data specialists. Conversely, a student who completes the digital marketing bootcamp can become a digital marketing agent or a digital marketing SEO manager.

What is the UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camps acceptance rate? 

The UNC-Chapel Hill Boot Camp acceptance rate is 25 percent, making the program very competitive. This program requires students to pass a series of interviews and assessments before enrolling. Students should consider taking preparatory courses before enrolling in a UNC-Chapel Hill bootcamp for better results.

What’s your opinion of The Coding Boot Camp at UNC-Chapel Hill? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.

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