TonyTalks Shares The Oddest Gift He’s Ever Gotten While Getting Into The Spirit With Holiday Playlist (Exclusive)


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Image Credit: Courtesy of Hornitos

They say, “it’s the thought that counts,” but if someone doesn’t put much thought into a White Elephant gift, does it really? Some might splurge for a bottle of quality tequila or an in-demand beauty palette. Others might rummage around the discount bin at a dollar store and still have change for a piece of gum. Others might hit a pet store with a Going Out of Business sale. “The oddest gift I’ve ever received during the holidays was…a goldfish,” TonyTalks tells HollywoodLife while discussing the ins and outs of gift giving as part of the launch of Hornitos’ Green Elephant Shop.

“At the time, I’d never owned a pet, so the excitement of unwrapping my gift ended with me in panic mode!” the comedian, who is acting as the Green Elephant Store’s honorary virtual “shopkeeper,” tells HL. “I’ve received plenty of odd/kind of funny gifts in my time (never dirty socks level [laughs]), which is why I could really relate and thought this campaign with Hornitos is so magical – because who wouldn’t want the opportunity to swap out a crappy gift for some cash! Honestly, everyone can relate!”

With TonyTalks helming the store, the Hornitos Green Elephant Shop opens for business on Monday, Dec. 26, until Friday, Dec. 30 (think of it as a virtual pop-up.) People 21+ can visit to submit photos of their lackluster white elephant gifts in exchange for a chance to receive $25 (in the form of an e-gift card), allowing them to purchase something they really want – like a nice bottle of Hornitos.

Speaking of which, if Tony were to sub in for Santa Claus, he wouldn’t be going that far when giving someone a much-needed bottle of Hornitos. “If anyone deserves the gift of Hornitos Tequila, it’s my Mom,” he tells HL. “She deserves the best White Elephant present since she knows how to keep the spirit of the holiday season alive and deserves to celebrate that spirit year-round! Hope everyone gets the gift they want – but if not, you can exchange it coming this 26th at Happy Holidays!!

To help you have a happy holiday, Tony has provided an EXCLUSIVE playlist to HollywoodLife of some of his favorite songs for this season, including a classic track from rap pioneers Run DMC. “I love to turn it up during the holiday season, and one holiday song on my playlist rotation is Run DMC’s ‘Christmas in Hollis.’ It’s such a classic – happy, fun, and is a traditional song played yearly at my family’s holiday celebrations,” he says.

(Courtesy of Hornitos)

Backstreet Boys, “It’s Christmas Time Again”

Tony: I’m so nostalgic when it comes to the holiday season, and this one brings me back

Editor’s Note: Spotify doesn’t have it so we’re using their first song as a placeholder. Remember to buy music this holiday season! Streaming doesn’t always have it. 

Run DMC, “Christmas in Hollis”

This one is my favorite classic yet underrated songs. It’s a blast from the past that everyone needs in their rotation.

Kacey Musgraves, “Ribbons And Bows”

Kacey Musgraves put such a fun twist on the holidays with this song, I could just listen to it on repeat (And often do!)

Ariana Grande, “Santa Tell Me”

This is just a Christmas must-have, period

Chris Brown, “This Christmas”

This song is ageless and always puts me in the holiday spirit!

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