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React is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in the world. Over the last seven years, it has rapidly become a viable alternative to Angular, which used to be the go-to option among developers in the industry. Software developers looking for advancement will benefit from enrolling in an online React course. 

The best part about learning React is that you do not need to spend years getting a university degree to become an expert in the subject. You also do not need to spend a lot of money enrolling in an online React course. 

There are several free React courses available. In this guide, we’ll break down all of the best React online courses to help you pick the best React course and the best free React course for you.

What Is React?

It is important to learn React if you are interested in developing web and mobile applications.

React is an open-source JavaScript library for building interactive web and mobile applications. It was developed in 2013 and has been used to design several single-page applications. React is one of the best tools used by UI designers to build view layer components of client-side web applications. 

A React developer can design complex web applications that maintain speed, interactivity, and efficiency, irrespective of size. React is also called React.js or React JS and can be combined with other JavaScript products during application development. 

Overview: The Best Online React Courses, Classes, or Training

There are hundreds of React JS courses available online, but not all of them are created equal. The list below contains the best React online courses available. Some courses are offered by bootcamps, online courses, or programs funded by universities.

Provider Course Price Length Certificate
App Academy Software Engineering Bootcamp $20,000 24 weeks Yes
Codecademy Learn React Free 20 hours Yes
Coursera Front-End Web Development with React $49 monthly 36 hours Yes
Coursera Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization $49 monthly 3 months Yes
Educative A Deep Dive into React Hooks $16.66 per month 5 hours Yes
General Assembly Online React JS Course $3,950 10 weeks Yes
Harvard Extension School Undergraduate Introduction to Web Development Certificate $1,920 13 weeks Yes
Ironhack Web Development Bootcamp $12,500 9 weeks Yes
Laith Academy React Redux (with Hooks) Crash Course Free 45 mins No
LinkedIn Learning Building Modern Projects with React $29 monthly 3.5 hours Yes
Loyola University Web Design and Development Certificate $715 per credit 21 weeks Yes
Pluralsight React 16 Fundamentals $29 per month 4 hours 12 mins Yes
Pluralsight React 17: Getting Started $29 per month 4 hours 2 mins Yes
Pluralsight Using React 17 Hooks $29 per month 3 hours 20 mins Yes
Scrimba Learn React for Free Free N/A No
Thinkful Software Engineering Bootcacmp $9,500 21 weeks Yes
Springboard Software Engineering Bootcamp $9,900 39 weeks Yes
Udemy The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router) $99.99 39 hours Yes
Udemy Modern React with Redux $109.99 54 hours Yes
Udemy React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) $13.99 48 hours Yes
University of California, Irvine Full Stack Web Development $5,495 39 weeks Yes
University of Washington Certificate in 
Full-Stack Development with JavaScript
$3,867 34 weeks Yes
Westcliff University Full Stack Coding Bootcamp Certificate $6,525 24 weeks Yes

Best Paid Online React Courses

Software Engineering Bootcamp | App Academy 

Learning Format: Full-time bootcamp 

Level: Beginner to advanced 

Subjects Covered: React JS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML, Express, Flask, SQLAlchemy

App Academy is one of the most popular income share agreement bootcamps in the tech industry. The App Academy ISA is a type of loan financing that allows students to complete the bootcamp program without paying. They only have to repay the loans after they get a job that pays at least $50,000.

React is part of the full-time and part-time software engineering programs. After the prep work, the rest of the program is divided into seven parts. The last portion of the program, the career quest, includes resume workshops, networking, applying strategies, and personal pitch. 

Key Takeaway: The income share agreement at App Academy doesn’t require an initial deposit. 

Front-End Web Development with React | Coursera

Learning Format: Certificate course

Level: Intermediate

Subjects Covered: Introduction to React, React Router, React Single Page Applications, React Forms, Flow Architecture, Introduction to Redux, Client-server Communication

An immersive learning experience is provided by this comprehensive course. This course teaches coding enthusiasts with prior Bootstrap and JavaScript experience how to create single-page applications, forms, and applications using React. Expert React knowledge and troubleshooting skills will be taught to students. 

Key Takeaway: At the end of this comprehensive course, students will be able to use React at an expert level. 

Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization | Coursera 

Learning Format: Certificate course

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: Authentication, SASS, MongoDB, React Router, Bootstrap, jQuery, Node, Express

Coursera offers a specialization in React JS that consists of three courses: Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4; Front-End Web Development with React; and Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB.

By dedicating just 10 hours each week to this program, you can complete the entire course in three months or less. It is an applied-learning course, so there are a lot of hands-on exercises, including a capstone project, that students can add to their portfolios. 

Key Takeaway: Coursera offers a seven-day free trial. After the trial, students pay a monthly fee to continue learning. 

A Deep Dive into React Hooks | Educative

Learning Format: Certificate Course

Level: Intermediate

Subjects Covered: React Hooks, Code Composition, Patterns of React Hooks

Students will learn how to use React Hooks in this online React course. As a result, they will be able to reuse, retest, and recompose code by using specific React elements. A certificate of completion will be awarded to the student at the conclusion of this five-hour program. To enhance the education and understanding of the topic, hands-on projects are utilized. 

Key Takeaway: This online React course provides students with a deep level of understanding of React Hooks and how to use them most effectively. 

Online React JS Course | General Assembly 

Learning Format: Certificate course 

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: Web development with React, JavaScript libraries

General Assembly offers a standalone React course that is not attached to any software engineering program. Students get to work on hands-on projects, creating React JS applications that they can add to their portfolios. These individual projects can be hosted on Heroku and can be referenced at any time. 

The program emphasizes developing scalable and interactive web applications that can handle significant data flow without interruption. Companies like Adobe, Bloomberg, Disney, and Capital One sponsor the training of their staff in General Assembly. 

Key Takeaway: Flexible payment allows you to pay as little as $206 monthly to complete the program. 

Undergraduate Introduction to Web Development Certificate | Harvard Extension School 

Learning Format: Certificate program

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: WordPress, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Drupal, Node, Laravel, React Router, Angular, React, Ember, Vue

This program is offered by the Harvard Division of Continuing Education. The courses teach students how to build dynamic, database-driven applications. It covers foundational and advanced concepts in interactive user interfaces, front end, and backend web technologies. 

This online certificate is available to students with little to no programming experience who want to learn the essential skills to become competitive candidates in the job market. To qualify for graduation, you need at least a B grade in all three courses offered. Additionally, you must complete the program within three years after enrollment. 

Key Takeaway: You don’t need to be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree at Harvard to join this certificate program. 

Web Development Bootcamp | Ironhack  

Learning Format: Full-time or part-time bootcamp

Level: Beginner to advanced 

Subjects Covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Express, React, MongoDB, object-oriented programming 

Ironhack is another excellent option for learning React as part of a web development bootcamp program. The school offers full-time and part-time schedules. It starts with 60 hours of prep work, making it ideal for those with limited programming knowledge. 

The program consists of three modules: responsive design, backend development, and front end development. Students will be able to use React JS in combination with other tools to develop fully functional and interactive mobile apps. Alumni from Ironhack work at companies like Google, Magic Leap, Visa, Telefonica, Cabify, Rocket Internet. 

Key Takeaway: The extensive prep work prepares students for the more difficult task ahead. 

Building Modern Projects with React | LinkedIn Learning 

Learning Format: Certificate course 

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: React Native, Redux, refactoring, styled components, React hooks, components in React

This program is a seven-part course for programmers who want to learn React. All students have a project file that they can use to store any work created during the program. In addition, there are various downloadable video tutorials that can be accessed even after the students finish their programs. Unlike other programs on this list, most LinkedIn Learning courses can be accessed with a tablet or phone. 

Key Takeaway: The shareable certificate you’ll earn can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile.

Web Design and Development Certificate | Loyola University

Learning Format: Certificate program

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, React hooks 

This is a three-course credit program for web design that prepares students for entry-level development positions. The three courses are Introduction to Web Application Development, Web Design and Usability, and Design for the Web with HTML and CSS. Each course earns you three credits. There is an optional project-based course that involves developing a website for a non-profit organization. 

Key Takeaway: This course can be taken as a standalone or in partnership with a degree from Loyola University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. 

React 16 Fundamentals | Pluralsight

Learning Format: Certificate course

Level: Intermediate

Subjects Covered: Introduction to React, components, JSX, events, forms, state

Students will gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of React in this immersive online course. They will learn how to create and structure an application using forms, events, and components. The students will also be introduced to Redux and learn about its importance and role in managing applications. 

Key Takeaway: At the end of the course, students will be able to construct applications at an expert level. 

React 17: Getting Started | Pluralsight

Learning Format: Certificate course

Level: Beginner

Subjects Covered: Modern JavaScript, GitHub, setting up a development environment

Students will learn the foundational knowledge they need to successfully create practical web applications. Students will gain a deep understanding of operators, components, functions, classes, and async/await. Students will also learn how to take input from APIs. 

Key Takeaway: Students will learn how to create immersive UIs using function, class, and components of React and React Hooks.

Using React 17 Hooks | Pluralsight

Learning Format: Certificate course

Level: Beginner

Subjects Covered: React Hooks, useState, useEffect, useRef, useContext, useReducer, useCallback, useMemo, migrating existing hooks, combining hooks

Students will use this practical course to learn about the six most commonly used React Hooks. After understanding the basics, they will be introduced to React Hook creation. They will be able to make their own hooks and re-use hooks that are customizable. 

Key Takeaway: Students will learn how to use React Hooks to streamline code and make it more efficient. 

Software Engineering Bootcamp | Springboard  

Learning Format: Full-time bootcamp 

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: JavaScript, Node, HTML, CSS, Express 

Springboard is one of the few bootcamps in the world that reports a 100 percent job placement rate in the first six months after graduation. The fundamentals of React JS are part of its software engineering program, along with everything else you need to develop fully functional and interactive web applications. 

To qualify for this bootcamp program, you need a fundamental knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Graduates work in places like Google, Facebook, Wayfair, Zoom, Microsoft, Verizon, Pandora, and LinkedIn. 

Key Takeaway: Graduates reportedly earn $23,000 more annually after completing the program. 

Software Engineering Bootcamp | Thinkful 

Learning Format: Full-time or part-time bootcamp

Level: Beginner to advanced 

Subjects Covered: Client-side development, REST software architecture, Agile methodology, data structures, and algorithms. 

Thinkful is a fully online bootcamp that offers full-time and part-time programs in software and data. You can learn React JS as part of the software engineering bootcamp. It is covered in the client-side development portion of the program.

The best part about this program is that you aren’t just going to learn React. You are also going to learn other vital aspects of front end and backend development. Thinkful graduates work in companies like Google, Amazon, Webflow, IBM, Twitter, and Walmart Labs. 

Key Takeaway: Thinkful offers job guarantees, and graduates reportedly experience a salary bump of $17,000 after their programs.

The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router) | Udemy

Learning Format: Certificate course

Level: Intermediate

Subjects Covered: Introduction to React, JSX, props, state, patterns

In this comprehensive course, intermediate students will learn how to use Hooks, Context, JSX, and more at an expert level. By introducing one concept at a time, the course gradually builds up. Hands-on projects and examples are used in this course to provide students with the most current, valuable information. 

Key Takeaway: Students will be able to participate in several hands-on projects that will enable them to build their own games and utilize their newly acquired skills.

Modern React with Redux | Udemy

Learning Format: Certificate course

Level: Beginner

Subjects Covered: JSX, props, class-based components, lifecycle methods, forms, events, API requests, lists, DOM access

This online React course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of React and Redux. Students will use tutorials to build applications that exceed industry standards. Furthermore, students will learn to recognize and use patterns used by top-tier companies, providing them with an advantage in the workplace. 

Key Takeaway: This online React course prepares students to become software engineers with top-tier industry knowledge. 

React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) | Udemy 

Learning Format: Certificate course

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: JavaScript, React State, styling, debugging, React hooks, React web development, advanced Redux

Over 458,677 students have enrolled in this Udemy course, and many have launched successful careers in the tech field. This extensive course consists of 487 interactive lectures divided into 31 sections. 

The 92 downloadable resources are updated at intervals to fit industry standards. The course is primarily for people who already have knowledge of coding but are seeking to specialize in React JS. 

Key Takeaway: This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Full Stack Web Development | University of California, Irvine 

Learning Format: Certificate program

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: Advanced React, JavaScript, Backbone, jQuery, web protocols, coding languages, APIs, SQL programming

This is an excellent certificate program that teaches students how to use React to build full stack web applications from scratch. It covers all the latest technology in full stack software development and is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about web development, regardless of their knowledge of React. You will need to complete all classes within five years at most. This is easy as long as you study a few hours every week.

Key Takeaway: To graduate from this program you will have to complete a certain number of credits.

Certificate in Full-Stack Development with JavaScript | University of Washington 

Learning Format: Certificate program 

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: JavaScript, React, Node, DOM manipulation, state containers, data structures

This online React certificate is a JavaScript program offered specifically for people with high school diplomas or an equivalent. It is divided into three sections: programming for the browser with JavaScript, front end application development with JavaScript, and backend application development with JavaScript. It is important that the students learn HTML and CSS before enrolling in the program. 

Key Takeaway: Scholarships are available for students who cannot make the full payment. 

Full Stack Coding Bootcamp Certificate | Westcliff University

Learning Format: Certificate program 

Level: Beginner 

Subjects Covered: Git, GitHub, HTML 5, CSS3, object-oriented programming, React, JavaScript, Node, Express, design patterns, React hooks, algorithms, data structure, web security, MongoDB, RESTful API

Westcliff University is one of the few schools that allow students to transfer credits from a certificate program to a bachelor’s degree. Students can study React as part of the full stack coding bootcamp certificate. 

By the end of the program, students will be familiar with the essential concepts of building enterprise-scale applications using React, JavaScript, and other key technologies. Anyone can join this bootcamp regardless of their background.

Key Takeaway: Credits acquired during this program can be applied toward a bachelor’s degree. 

Best Free Online React Courses

A man learning React online through a laptop.
You can learn React by enrolling in free courses online.

Learn React | Codecademy 

Learning Format: Certificate course

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: React JS, JavaScript, HTML, Hooks, JSX 

Codecademy is great for standalone courses on web development with React. It also happens to be one of the most affordable options with flexible payments. The Learn React course is divided into seven parts with the goal of teaching students how to build a React application effectively. 

You don’t need to be a tech guru to take the course, but some basic programming or software development knowledge comes in handy. Graduates from Codecademy work at IBM, Google, Nasa, and Facebook. 

Key Takeaway: This self-paced course can be completed in as little as 20 hours.

React Redux (with Hooks) Crash Course | Laith Academy

Learning Format: YouTube video course

Level: Beginner

Subjects Covered: Introduction to Redux, data flow, store and reducers, Redux Thunk, actions, action creators, useDispatch

This YouTube crash course video provides students with in-depth knowledge of React Redux with Hooks and how to utilize them in the best manner. Students will gain introductory knowledge, as well as advanced knowledge of building apps with Redux. 

Key Takeaway: Students will gain a deep understanding of how to use reach Redux with Hooks. 

Learn React for Free | Scrimba 

Learning Format: Course

Level: Intermediate 

Subjects Covered: React JS, ReactDOM, JSX practice, CSS

Scrimba is one of the best destinations for free coding classes. However, it offers students an option to upgrade to a premium program and get a certificate. The Learn React for Free course is made up of 59 lessons on React app development. All the lessons are interactive, and students can learn at their pace. 

Note that you would need to learn JavaScript, CSS, and HTML before starting this course for better understanding. The good news is that Scrimba also offers free courses for these subjects.

Key Takeaway: This online program offers highly valuable content for no cost at all. 

React Course Certificates vs Certifications

React certifications are awarded to developers after they have completed an examination. The goal of getting a certification is to validate your abilities as a React developer. These credentials are not awarded by schools but by the companies that design the tools and technologies covered in the exam or by independent, standard-setting organizations. 

There are many React certification courses available online. Some of these courses are free while others require a nominal fee to enroll. At the end of the course, a student is awarded a certificate to use as tangible proof of their newly acquired skills. This certificate often makes them more employable in the eyes of potential employers.

Importance of React Certifications

Professional certifications are necessary because they show that you are qualified to use React on a professional level. They give you an edge in the industry over your peers and prospective employers. When you have a professional certification in React, you will be making your resume more valuable in the job market. 

A React certification may also pave the way for a wide variety of jobs in the industry. Note that there are entry-level, intermediate, and expert-level certifications. The one you take should depend on your current level of understanding of React. Expert certifications carry more weight than entry-level ones. 

Online React Classes, Training, or Courses: Which Is the Right Option?

A student using an iMac to take an online React course.
Taking online React courses or classes is an excellent option to kickstart a developer career.

Getting a combination of classes, training, and courses is the best way to learn React JS. This is an effective way to get a strong foundation in web development since each learning format has its own strengths and certificate options.

Courses are a series of lessons divided into units that are traditionally called classes. Courses can either be standalone programs or part of a more extensive series of online programs. These courses can run anywhere from a few days up to months and are typically more affordable than degrees. 

Training can be part of a course or workshop and refers to project-based lessons where students learn by doing. For example, a React training session would involve developing React apps rather than just reading about them. 

Ultimately, the best program combines aspects of courses, training, and classes. The programs mentioned in this article are ideal for people with no previous knowledge of React or programming. Those who already have programming experience and would like to learn a thing or two about React can simply take one class or one training session. 

Should You Attend a Coding Bootcamp to Learn React?

There are many React bootcamps online that offer React Native courses either as stand-alone programs or as part of a front end development bootcamp. The best React bootcamps offer fast-paced classes, mentorship, career support, and a community of like-minded peers. 

This support typically runs for a lifetime, not just until graduation. Bootcamps combine the quality and structure of traditional degrees with the convenience of online courses. 

How to Choose the Right Online React Course, Class, or Training Program

Find Out the Cost

When researching the best bootcamp programs, it is important to keep cost in mind. This is because each bootcamp will have different tuition rates and requirements. Some courses provide similar education quality but have drastically different price points. Find a course that is high-quality and within your budget before enrolling. 

Find Out If It Is Project-Based

Project-based courses are beneficial because they allow you to build your portfolio even before you get a paying job. It is one thing to read about React, but it is another thing to practice what you have read or watched in video tutorials. Training is the best way for the lessons to sink in. 

The number of projects available should depend on the difficulty level of the course. While some beginner courses have about 10 to 15 real-world projects, more advanced courses may have above 25. 

Check the Course Syllabus 

What would you be learning during the course? For React, make sure that subjects like JavaScript, module resources, CSS, dynamic styling, debugging React bags, refactoring, and Redux are included in the program. 

It is also better to go for online courses that have quizzes and other forms of interactive exercises alongside downloadable resources. These keep the lessons interesting and make it easier for you to absorb the information. 

Check Reviews

What do people have to say about the course quality? Are there any negative reviews? Is the course considered worthwhile? You need to find answers to these questions. It is easy to get course reviews from MOOCs because they are usually advertised on their respective platforms. However, for bootcamps, you may need to dig a little deeper to find what people have to say.

Why You Should Take Online React Courses or Classes

Online React courses or classes are viable alternatives to traditional degree programs for anyone who wants to become a full stack developer. Courses offer affordable job-specific training that can be completed in a few weeks or months. For most courses, you don’t need to write an essay, take an entrance exam, or even have a high school diploma.

React JS programming professionals and web developers are in high demand and will continue to be in the foreseeable future. Many companies and developers have already switched from Angular to React because of its efficiency on a commercial scale. By learning how to use React for development, you will be increasing your job security and income potential.

Frequent Questions About Online Classes in React

Are online React courses important for professional development?

Learning React as a professional developer will help you increase your earning potential and your relevance in the job market. Taking online React Native courses as opposed to traditional in-person classes allows you to focus on other activities. You don’t need to travel to another state, quit your job or make any significant change to your schedule just to learn. Most classes are on-demand videos created by professional educators. 

Is React hard to learn? 

If you are trying to learn React without any prior knowledge of coding, it will be difficult to learn. It is recommended that you have basic coding knowledge before learning React for the best results. If you do have coding knowledge, then React will be a moderately challenging experience. 

Are free online React courses worth it? 

The free online React courses are well worth your time. These courses provide the same educational knowledge and skills as paid courses. There are also many free courses that are curated by industry professionals. Since these professionals are passionate about React and wish to share their knowledge, they make the classes available for free. 

What is the best React course?

One of the best React courses is Modern React with Redux by Udemy. This online React course provides students with the foundational skills they need to be successful in their field and upskill. There are also many other React courses that could be considered the best, and we have outlined them above. 

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