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What Parents Should Know About RSV

Most children get RSV before their second birthday.
Read on for what parents should know as they navigate the recent RSV surge.
These symptoms of RSV are often worse on days 4 to 6 of the infection.
Coughs, fevers for up to 5 days, runny noses, decreased appetite, and chills are among many normal and overlapping ...
...symptoms of multiple viruses, including RSV, according to Samira Armin, MD, a pediatrician in the Houston area.
“Viruses need to run their course, and antibiotics and prescriptions don’t tend to work on viruses, so doctors often recommend home care,” Armin says.
She warns against using cough suppressants for children, and instead recommends helping them hydrate and rest, and not sending them back to school or day care too early.
“Masks work very well against flu and RSV,” Patel says.
“A simple surgical mask has saved me from catching both while taking care of thousands of kids.”