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What Is Your Furniture Style ?

After buying a home, your next hurdle is furnishing it.
Contemporary Many use contemporary and modern interchangeably as the two are fairly similar.
The ideas of minimalism remain when using accessories and furniture continues to focus on functionality, but an important aspect of the Mid-Century Modern is the idea of bringing the outside in.
Natural elements, such as wooden furniture remain important and homeowners should try to maximise natural light in rooms for that true Scandi feel.
In rustic homes, you will often find unfinished materials, for example, raw wood and unpolished stone alongside natural textures including rattan furniture.
Overlapping closely with the rustic style, shabby chic is often seen as the more feminine version of rustic décor.
Accessories tend to have a vintage feel and are often highly decorative or ornate.
Transform your home with a new style today.
Furniture style
Furniture style
Furniture style
Furniture style
Furniture style