weekend open thread – November 5-6, 2022weekend open thread – November 5-6, 2022Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

weekend open thread – November 5-6, 2022

I am a childfree people in my late-30s (female).
I actually moved cities a few years ago for a job and because almost all of my local and foreign friends in my old city were coupled up with kids.
How often do you see your friends?At busy times it can be a rotation of different people once or twice a week.
A few are, but I wish I had more blending of the groups.
In my case, I never really had a core group of friends growing up.
I can’t go out a lot because I don’t have the money.
The friends I do have here, are great in many ways.
“I saw this interesting restaurant” “Oh, well, let me know if it’s good” “Would you like to check it out with me?” “It’s a bit far…”