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Two climate technologies that matter

It’s finally here—our 2023 list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies.
The 2023 Breakthrough Technologies
Two climate items made the list this year: electric vehicles and battery recycling!
We’ve been working on this list since July, sifting through our coverage and keeping our eyes on the news to pick out technologies we think will be important.
EVs made the list this year not because of any one technical milestone, but because they’ve reached critical mass.
They’re a real commercial contender now, reaching about 13% of global new vehicle sales in 2022.
This is a big moment for electric vehicles, marked by progress not only in technology but also in infrastructure, manufacturing, and consumer acceptance.
It was a tricky thing to crystallize exactly what about EVs should be on the list this year.
Different forms of this idea came up early on when we were planning, with several members on the team proposing ideas that touched on EVs in some way.