Twitter battles all things ElonJet, SBF gets arrested, and OpenAI tries to figure out watermarkingTwitter battles all things ElonJet, SBF gets arrested, and OpenAI tries to figure out watermarkingGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Twitter battles all things ElonJet, SBF gets arrested, and OpenAI tries to figure out watermarking

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Twitter vs. ElonJet: Another wild one at Twitter this week. First came the news that @ElonJet, an account that tracked the whereabouts of Elon’s private jet, had been suspended.
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Then the official account of Twitter-competitor Mastodon got suspended (with links to Mastodon flagged as “potentially harmful”) shortly after posting about said jet trackers.
Then a bunch of tech reporters all got suspended, at least some of whom had been tweeting about the jet tracker ordeal.
NSA warns of exploits in popular networking gear: “The U.S. National Security Agency is warning that Chinese government-backed ...
...hackers are exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in two widely used Citrix networking products,” writes Carly Page.
The flaw, which Citrix confirms is being actively exploited, allows hackers to run malicious code on devices often found in enterprise networks.
iOS 16.2
This week Apple shipped out the latest version of iOS, and Ivan Mehta took a look at some of its best features, from end-to-end encryption ...
...of more iCloud data, a karaoke mode for Apple Music, and the public rollout of the “infinite whiteboard” collaboration app, Freeform.
Ever wished you could post to Instagram without having to take a picture?
Instagram gets text-only posts
But Instagram added a text-centric option this week, and it’s at least proving popular enough to crack our top posts list ...
...— or, more likely, people are googling what the heck this new Instagram “Notes” thing is and landing on our site.
Whatever the case, they kinda remind me of old-school AIM status messages — they’re short, ephemeral updates that live in your DMs rather than the main feed (see image below.)
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...on some of the stuff our readers tell us they like most. Here’s what TC+ members were reading most this week.
The one slide 99% of founders get wrong: Between his time as a reporter, a VC, and a startup pitch coach, Haje has looked at more pitch decks than just about anyone I know.