Tour the Historic Modernist Michigan Home of Floyd’s CofounderTour the Historic Modernist Michigan Home of Floyd’s CofounderGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Tour the Historic Modernist Michigan Home of Floyd’s Cofounder

“Home On ​​Split Level Uses Extreme Modern Trends”—that’s the headline The Ann Arbor News used in 1955 to describe what is now the home of Kyle Hoff, his wife Brooke Hoff, and their two young children, Henni and Max.
After a stint in Detroit, where the company is based, the couple was on the hunt for a space in Ann Arbor where they’d be able to enjoy nature in a way that the industrial city hadn’t allowed.
It certainly didn’t hurt that the home they found, on top of fitting that criteria, happened to be an architectural marvel.
“What I really like about the house is that I think it’s exactly like it was,” Kyle says, referring to when the home was first constructed.
He adds too that the structure’s appeal is not “just because somebody wanted to preserve the history alone.” Instead, the abode has its genuinely good design to thank.
“Conceptually, how the house’s laid out is very efficient and unique—even the living space was well ahead of its time,” he adds.
Kyle says the downstairs den is where his offspring “explode a bit,” but the windowed nook, with its tree-filled views, is the area he’s most attracted to himself.
For Kyle’s work at Floyd, inhabiting this particular Michigan home is undeniably inspiring.
“In the furniture world, [Michigan] is the epicenter of modernism in the US, with many of the greats attending Cranbrook [Academy of Art] and working in the state, including Florence Knoll, Charles and Ray Eames, the Saarinens—to name a few,” Kyle explains.
“We’ll often go as a team to Cranbrook to get inspired and dig into the archives of the greats.”
That eye-catching sectional in the living room is the prototype for Floyd’s Kvadrat-upholstered edition, and the lamp that hovers over the Womb Chair is their Y Lamp, a recent addition to the collection.
In the 10 years that Floyd has been around, the products have been inspired by the everyday needs of Kyle and his cofounder, Alex O’Dell. Nowadays, though, what’s most eye-opening for Kyle has been anticipating his children’s requirements for a space.
And while Floyd doesn’t have plans to offer their standard bed in pink, Kyle will continue to field requests from Henni for a rosy update to her room.