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Liam’s bonus games of the year 2022

I guess it’s time for me to publicly confess which games I voted for in this year’s advent calendar but that didn’t get it, and without the usual protection of anonymity granted by group lists.
I just want to say that up top before you find out where I live and start sending me pizzas or something. I put my bread in the toaster one slice at a time.
Monster Hunter Rise
After 40 hours, I had a notebook stuffed full of battle tactics, lists of resources I required to craft higher-level hot pants ...
...and various sketches of palicoes eating plates of delicious dango. By the time I reached Sunbreak, I had become feral.
Rifle bullets fly towards hooded cultists like cannonballs, and connect with as much devastating force. It has a phenomenal ... style that uses a limited number of colours to great effect, creating a world that feels crispy and sickly.
Its levels are grounded in realism, amplifying its more supernatural themes as a result. That it’s so enjoyable my only gripe is that I wanted more of it?
Sonic Frontiers
Can real satisfaction stem purely from a diet of greatness? Something, anything, to break the tedium of delight. Sonic Frontiers is janky as all hell, for a start. It even looks quite nice, from certain angles.
Sonic has been a nothing franchise for decades at this point, but with Frontiers it finally feels like it has the potential to ...
...elevate itself a bit. Mario Odyssey this ain’t, but there’s a good time to be found here if you have the patience for it.
And if you don’t at Christmas, then when?