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Requiem to life

The PS5 features bringing A Plague Tale
Requiem on PlayStation 5 to set ourselves completely free from last-gen constraints and make the most out of the features brought by the new gen.
We decided to develop A Plague Tale
Thanks to this new level of detail, they’ll experience an atmosphere enriched with beams of lights and enhanced lighting over atmospheric elements such as volumetric fog.
The resolution of textures is also improved.
There will also be more physical and dynamic objects, which will affect how clothing is rendered.
Requiem will introduce real physical response and gameplay improvements tied to it.
Adaptive triggers will give the impression that shooting becomes harder, which also works for the player as a marker to measure the right time to shoot.
This next-gen vibration technology allowing us to tie a physical reaction to the player’s input is quite incredible for us developers.
We were used to working with image and sound, now we can create direct effects on the player’s fingers to simulate a real tool.