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I Wanted To Show ‘Different Sides Of Me’

‘The Masked Singer’s Panther Revealed
“I thought this was an opportunity for me to allow people to see and hear different sides of me, and not through the lens of who they think I’m supposed to be as an artist,” Montell told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.
“I wanted people to be able to hear and feel something different and be like oh, that came out of that guy, and be pleasantly surprised that they can now take me out of the box that I’ve been put in.”.
Montell Jordan was revealed as the Panther. (Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock)
That was a song that I would want to sing.
“Under the lights with the energy, I was literally sweating profusely,” Montell admitted.
That, for me, was not enough to me.
All of these things led me to do the things that I’m doing now.