The first post-Lincoln Riley season at Oklahoma couldn’t have gone worse.The first post-Lincoln Riley season at Oklahoma couldn’t have gone worse.Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

The first post-Lincoln Riley season at Oklahoma couldn’t have gone worse.

While Ohio State fans hold the most recent grudge against Lincoln Riley, Caleb Williams, and USC, the fanbase that’s still the most upset about the Trojans’ success this year resides in Norman.
Right now, predictions have them slated for the Guaranteed Rate Bowl against Wisconsin.
The only things Venables really had to fix was the quarterback position and the defense, but fans really would’ve been understanding ...
...if he went one for two, with the team improving on the side of the ball that’s allegedly the strength of its new coach.
Not only did the defense not improve, but it got worse The Sooners were 100th in college football in points allowed, ...
...109th in rushing defense, and 107th in pass defense They lost three of their past four games to unranked teams.
During a three-week span from late September to early October, the Sooners were outscored 145-58.
After the loss to the Red Raiders, OU leading receiver and team leader Marvin Mims didn’t quite openly reject his ... head coach’s tweaks to the program, but he did say he had trouble getting used to the cultural changes.
The biggest thing about him, it’s just — I wouldn’t call it a culture shock But, you know, he brought a lot of things ...
...that players have to get adjusted to, especially Coach Schmitty (strength coach Jerry Schmidt) coming back I ...
...mean, there’s no, you know, teeter-tottering on the line and stuff like that You got to do the things he wants ... to do the ways he wants you to do them Basically, that’s the biggest thing, is just getting adjusted to that.
It’s not fair to yell “You had one job” at Venables, considering how tremendously difficult it is to successfully coach college football in the era of transfer portals and NIL deals.
No Riley-led Oklahoma team finished higher than 29th in average points allowed, and more often than not that number was in 60s.