The Commentators, Old and New – The Full TossThe Commentators, Old and New – The Full TossGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

The Commentators, Old and New – The Full Toss

Cricket commentators are a unique breed in broadcasting.
Laker had the same economical and relaxed approach but with a more earnest delivery.
When Sachin Tendulkar was enduring a torrid time as India’s captain, Benaud wryly observed ‘sections of the Indian media are calling for Tendulkar’s head and other parts of his anatomy I shouldn’t wonder?
Unlike football, former players would regularly make it past the pundits couch and into the commentary box.
Superlatives are in short supply when describing the left hander’s playing ability, but they carried over seamlessly into a broadcasting career.
He became a captain on the hugely successful They Think It’s All Over.
The fifth England captain to join was Mike Atherton.
He quickly cut his teeth as a journalist following retirement but would make his greatest impact on TV.