The Apple Watch SE is a first-time buyer’s smartwatchThe Apple Watch SE is a first-time buyer’s smartwatchGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

The Apple Watch SE is a first-time buyer’s smartwatch

I like a lot about the second-generation SE.
Not only is it much lighter than the Ultra, but it’s also 5–18 grams lighter than the Series 8, depending on which size or case material you buy.
The only time I’d make an exception is if you find the original refurbished for $180 or less.
Maybe the screen is too small for your liking.
Or, maybe the SE is exactly what you want — fancier features, be damned.
Plus, the SE can still detect whether you have an abnormally high or low heart rate.
The SE is also marketed as a Family Setup option for the elderly, as it supports emergency calling, fall detection, and high and low heart rate notifications.
These are first-world reviewer problems.
Now, if you’ve never had an Apple Watch and feel curious, skeptical, and wary at the same time — the SE is the right choice for you.