Rivals.com – Rising 2024 OLB Tyanthony Smith dives into early offers, interestsRivals.com – Rising 2024 OLB Tyanthony Smith dives into early offers, interestsGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Rivals.com – Rising 2024 OLB Tyanthony Smith dives into early offers, interests

For Smith, it’s an opportunity to learn alongside a young team with a lot of potential in Southeast Texas.
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“We got some guys coming back that are young that will play. With us on defense, it just gets me hype to come back with some young guys.”
“Me going to camps, especially,” he said on what helped him improve.
“I’ve been working on my craft and they taught me a couple of covering drills and everything else. I feel like those camps really helped me out a lot with that. The thing I’ve been focusing on the most is pass coverage. In 4A, we don’t do too many pass coverages, so I go to camps and try to work on that. That’s been my main thing.”
“I like how they approached me and my family, they were really sincere,” he said.
“Before they offered, it was a real process. That was the important thing. I’ve been up there like four times and they make me feel like family every time I go. Me and Coach Osborne, we’ve been locked in.”
“It’s real loyalty at Tech,” he said.
“They’re looking at some real dawgs in our area and putting our area code on the map here in the 409. That’s been really great. I also like the head coach there, Coach McGuire. I like his swag and everything.”
“TCU is really standing out to me, that’s been my dream school since I was growing up,” he said.
“They’re really sincere with me.”
“I really like Texas and their recruiting class, what they’ve been doing,” he said.
“I feel like Coach Sark is on the rise and I could see myself as a part of their defense helping them win a couple of games.” At LSU, a former linebacker for the Tigers that Smith grew up idolizing has Brian Kelly‘s crew in the mix.
“Alabama, I’ve talked with Nick Saban and he said he’s very interested. Plus, it’s Alabama. Ole Miss is a really good school too.”
“Goal-wise, I want 120 tackles,” he said.
“I feel like last year with 99 tackles, it wasn’t enough. I also want to be more vocal on defense. Last year I was still young, so this year I want to be more vocal.”