RG3 has done lost his damn mindRG3 has done lost his damn mindGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

RG3 has done lost his damn mind

As an analyst on TV, you need to be either entertaining, say something shocking, or have controversial opinions, but sometimes they can go a little far in attempting to make Twitter waves.
Robert Griffin III is the latest, basically saying NFL teams don’t want the Detroit Lions in the playoffs.
“I’m not sure any NFL teams want the @Lions to make the playoffs. They are DANGEROUS and WAY BETTER than their record.” But the fact remains that as good as they’ve been, the Lions are still a sub .500 team.
Yes, they could, and based on their remaining schedule, it’s mathematically possible. Over the next month, the Lions ...
...will play at the Jets and Panthers, home against the Bears, then close out the year in Green Bay with the Packers.
Still, the Jets are fighting for their own postseason lives in the AFC. This Week 15 matchup between the Lions and Jets ...
...will catapult one team into better position to make a postseason push and could all but officially eliminate the other.
Detroit is better than they have been in recent years, but nobody should fear them. Detroit making the playoffs would be a fun story, especially after starting the season 1-6 and then turning things around midseason.
Detroit has scored a lot of points this year other than that loss, but there have been other times when the offense has struggled to accumulate points.
In Week 9, Detroit had trouble reaching 15 points against Green Bay, although they walked away with the victory because ...
...the Packers only scored 9. So, let’s stop this nonsense RG3 is spewing about the Lions and take them for what they are.