Rogue Legacy 2 – A Roguelike Legend Returns In Fine FormRogue Legacy 2 – A Roguelike Legend Returns In Fine FormGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Rogue Legacy 2 – A Roguelike Legend Returns In Fine Form

While not the first roguelike by any means.
2013’s Rogue Legacy — alongside classics like Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac — had a hand in making the now-plentiful genre the huge deal it has become.
Rogue Legacy 2 builds upon its predecessor and.
even for those who haven’t played the first, re-establishes what made it such an enduring hit.
Others, like Pacifist — which means you literally can not damage enemies — may well totally ruin a run.
While you could tackle the first game’s four bosses in any order, Rogue Legacy 2 opts for a more linear approach; the six biomes are given a star rating that flags the recommended route.
As before, one of the early skill-tree unlocks is the architect; an NPC who, for a percentage of your gold, can keep the procedurally ...
...generated layout of the world fixed as it was on previous runs, allowing you to master that specific layout.
Each option comes with a recommendation from the devs on how to use these features effectively without completely destroying game balance (such as raising enemy health 5% for every 10% resolve cost is lowered).
Rogue Legacy 2 is — to put it simply — a banger.
Whether you loved the original Rogue Legacy or never played it but like a good roguelike, this is a game you simply can’t afford to miss.