Astronite – 1-Bit Metroidvania Adventuring With A Dash Of Dark SoulsAstronite – 1-Bit Metroidvania Adventuring With A Dash Of Dark SoulsGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Astronite – 1-Bit Metroidvania Adventuring With A Dash Of Dark Souls

It looks and sounds, on paper, to be very similar to Devolver Digital’s Gato Roboto, but Astronite differs by being simpler ...
...on one hand, and altogether tougher on the other. There are places where you can take advantage of the odd grind, however.
Some items need to be found first, however, including your dash module and jetpack, indicating your first purchase is best spent on the relatively inexpensive map module to get an idea of your positioning.
Searching the far corners of the map also reaps currency from hidden chests and other secrets, some of which will save on spending.
Fun to play from the get-go, straightforward in its setup, and one that becomes less confusing the more of the map you uncover. Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth, in comparison, is child’s play.
It’s a very well-designed title
Here, certain screens are designed to challenge your reflexes, making your timing and approach pivotal, and occasionally teeth-gnashingly repetitive.
But, it’s also smartly designed enough to put you through your paces in the initial hump, encourage your collecting of Shpirtis, ...
...and then help you to turn the tide. And yes, some people may be troubled by its firmly old-school difficulty level.
Its simple emphasis on platforming pitfalls and cavern negotiations feel more Metroid than ‘Vania, and refreshing in a genre that usually follows the Japanese route of grinding for levels and magic.