[Pre-emptive backlash to backlash to positive reviews for Judas][Pre-emptive backlash to backlash to positive reviews for Judas]Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

[Pre-emptive backlash to backlash to positive reviews for Judas]

My state of peace in this area was just scuppered by that utter bastard Ken Levine, the creative director and writing lead on both BioShock and ...
...BioShock Infinite, when he revealed some of the new game by his studio Ghost Story Games (aka The Developers Formerly Known As Irrational).
As observed by everyone who saw the reveal at The Game Awards last night, Judas is basically BioShock in space.
The bad news is that this will put more fuel in Thomas The Take Engine, but the good news is that, if it is indeed like BioShock, we can save ourselves a lot of time.
When Judas comes out please just return to this article and insert a specific title and delete options as applicable.
When Ghost Story Games’ [philosophical treatise/political and religious satire/rumination on paternal relationships] but-with-guns-in-space Judas came out, we were pretty much all in alignment.
Though the game [had some technical flaws/was a bit smug], Judas more than made up for that with [satisfying/innovative/crunchy] combat that [nails the fundamentals/redefines a genre/whips ass].
I mean, who doesn’t want to fire [an albatross/a bunch of, fuckin, nails or whatever/actual fire] from your hands at will? It wasn’t surprising when Judas got a metacritic score of [83/86/88].
But because this is [2023/24/25], there was an inevitable backlash to those scores.
People pointed out that [some of the gender politics were real bad/it gave an overly simplistic view of the themes it wanted to tackle/calling your main character Judas is a bit fuckin’ on the nose, lads].
The issues of subjective taste around the combat or design were presented well by [Eurogamer/Polygon/Kotaku], [and/but] ...
...the extremely nuanced that went into some of the thematic pitfalls Judas walked into are [excellent/infantile].
In any case, we at RPS are here to say that, actually, Judas is still a good game! being really cool and fun to play, shuddup] is by no means devoid of value!
More than anything else, Judas is a compelling and enjoyable experience to have, and [being aware of the criticisms of a thing does not always preclude enjoying the thing itself/the criticisms are all bad and wrong].
I hope this is satisfactory, please never speak to me about it again. For more of the latest news and trailers, check out our Game Awards 2022 hub. We also live-blogged the show as it happened right here.