Piers Morgan To Interview Convicted Killers For Fox Nation True-Crime SeriesPiers Morgan To Interview Convicted Killers For Fox Nation True-Crime SeriesGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Piers Morgan To Interview Convicted Killers For Fox Nation True-Crime Series

Piers Morgan is set to return to true-crime documentaries under his global deal with News Corp and Fox News Media. The six-part series will stream on Fox Nation, the subscription video service.
It is produced by Plum Pictures, the UK production house behind Amazon’s James May: Our Man In… and the streamer’s upcoming Serena Williams documentary.
As well as interviewing killers, Morgan will provide context to their crimes, speaking to police and lawyers involved in ...
...bringing them to justice. The former CNN anchor will also interview the families of the murderers and their victims.
“He’ll go inside various prisons in the US, sit face-to-face with these killers and get to the truth of their crimes using the interviewing style he has become known for,” a source said.
Morgan indicated that he would present true-crime documentaries when he signed his News Corp and Fox News Media deal in September last year, but the details have remained under wraps until now.
He has worked with Plum Pictures in the past, fronting documentaries for ITV, the British broadcaster.
His shows include Killer Women With Piers Morgan and Psychopath With Piers Morgan, the former of which pulled in audiences ...
...of more than five million. Morgan has been in Qatar, where he has filmed his nightly show Uncensored during the World Cup.
The series, which has benefited from heavy investment from Rupert Murdoch, has had mixed success since launching in April.
Uncensored is barely registering an audience on traditional television in the UK, where it is the cornerstone of TalkTV’s schedule.
But Morgan and his colleagues have pointed to Uncensored’s online performance, arguing that it is fairer to judge the show on its virality.
The program has nearly 600,000 YouTube subscribers, while its best-performing videos have garnered more than seven million streams. Morgan also puts a lot of stock in the buzz his interviews generate.
His recent sit-down with Cristiano Ronaldo, the former Manchester United footballer, scored headlines globally and has millions of views on YouTube.