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Netflix Is No Longer Chill

The promise of streaming TV was that you could watch whatever you wanted, when you wanted. But recently, streaming services have started to dial back the nice-guy stuff and reel in the freebies.
Netflix has introduced an ad-supported tier to its formerly ad-free service, and even started cracking down on people sharing account credentials.
And corporate shake-ups at HBO Max have resulted in gobs of stuff being removed from that platform entirely.
This week on Gadget Lab, WIRED senior editor Angela Watercutter joins us to talk about why the streaming ecosystem has grown so complicated and hostile toward its customers. Read WIRED’s series about why we hate streaming.
Listen to WIRED and 1A’s series about AI, Know It All. Angela recommends the cinematic masterpiece Cocaine Bear. Lauren recommends Marc Maron’s standup special From Bleak to Dark on HBO. Mike recommends the film EO, which is about a donkey.
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