Need for Speed Unbound glitch lets you make infinite cashNeed for Speed Unbound glitch lets you make infinite cashGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Need for Speed Unbound glitch lets you make infinite cash

During the week, you’re meant to grind races for cash to upgrade your car, or buy a new one in time for the Saturday event. Being the most important of all races, it has a bigger buy-in than any of the weekday events.
In other words, you need to have a load of cash by the time Saturday rolls around. If you don’t for whatever reason, ...’ll have to keep repeating Friday until you can beat the Saturday qualifier and move to the week after.
This will happen four times for four weeks, but there’s a way to only suffer thorugh it once, and generate enough cash to get you prepared for the following weeks.
The trick involves repeating the Saturday qualifier to keep banking more cash until you feel comfortable moving on.
It turns out that Unbound does not save right after you win the qualifier race, meaning if you quit the game (either ...
...quit to dashboard on your console or Alt-F4 on PC), you’ll get to replay the entire qualifier event once again.
The best part is that you’ll keep the money and the car, provided you quit out right after the win screen just as the cutscene starts.
Until Criterion patches it, you can effectively keep grinding out any Saturday event indefinitely, ensuring you never run out of cash.