Final standings, winners, and moreFinal standings, winners, and moreGiphy GIFGiphy GIF
Minecraft Championship (MCC) 25

Final standings, winners, and more

The 25th canonized Minecraft Championship is in the books, ending the latest entry in the long-running community competition.
The player with the highest number of coins collected was jojosolos at 3,180 coins.
Aqua Axolotls (Purpled, Ranboo, JackManifoldTV, Snifferish).
Though the team didn’t win every game mode, jojosolos ranked in the top 5 in five modes, contributing substantially to Green Geckos’ victory.
There were also quite a few landmarks made during this Minecraft Championship that can’t be measured in coin totals and rankings.
Sapnap was also the only player from the Dream Team featured, as Dream, Tommyinnit, and GeorgeNotFound were occupied due to Tommy and George moving to America.
Legend’s surprise call on Hooper’s Test return.