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It’s a sprint, not a marathon

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How seriously should we take Amazon’s home robotics play?
During a call before yesterday’s Alexa event, the company’s head of consumer robotics, Ken Washington, bristled when I implied that the Astro rollout found the company testing the waters of piloting the robot.
Amazon“[day One] is a way for us to put these products in their hands quickly,” the executive told me.
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Certainly the way the company has accelerated the warehouse and fulfillment robotics categories are a clear indication of what the company is capable of doing with essentially unlimited resources.
Big raise for Avidbots this week.
Avidbots plans to add an additional 100 people in product, engineering, sales and marketing over the course of the next year.
Natasha has an interesting bit of news out of Europe this week.
The EU recently updated liability laws to include artificial intelligence.
Navigating the Crypto Opportunities in Charitable Giving.
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