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Insurtech goes niche

This led to Coinbase, to pick a well-known entity in the consumer fintech market, rapidly flipping from impressive profits to stiff losses in the space of a few quarters.
Affirm is expanding to Canada through a partnership with Amazon.
Affirm serves Australia as well, but only for people buying Peloton exercise equipment.”.
The company is banking on the fact that since Rippling’s spend management product is tied to a company’s HR system and employee data, it gives the business a way to “view and manage” all of its monthly cash burn “in one place.”.
Stash, which has built an investing and banking app with over 2 million customers and nearly $3 billion in assets under management, says it has launched a new product called Stash Core, which it describes as a “new, proprietary infrastructure platform that underpins the service for Americans who bank like investors.”.