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How to spot AI-generated text

The human participants tended to think this kind of “clean” text looked better and contained fewer mistakes, and thus that it must have been written by a person.
But Ippolito’s study also showed something interesting
In reality, human-written text is riddled with typos and is incredibly variable, incorporating different styles and slang, ...
...while “language models very, very rarely make typos. They’re much better at generating perfect texts,” Ippolito says.
“A typo in the text is actually a really good indicator that it was human written,” she adds.
A spokesperson for OpenAI confirmed that the company is working on watermarks, and said its policies state that users should clearly indicate text generated by AI “in a way no one could reasonably miss or misunderstand.”
Most of them don’t stand a chance against the latest generation of AI language models, as they are built on GPT-2 or other earlier models.
Many of these detection tools work best when there is a lot of text available; they will be less efficient in some concrete ...
...use cases, like chatbots or email assistants, which rely on shorter conversations and provide less data to analyze.
And using large language models for detection also requires powerful computers, and access to the AI model itself, which tech companies don’t allow, Abdul-Mageed says.