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Halo Forge Slowly Transformed What It Means To Play Halo

Halo 3 is celebrating its 15-year anniversary today, September 25, 2022.
Below, we take a look at how one of its marquee new features, the Forge, had a massive impact on how fans think about and engage with the beloved shooter series.
Jenga, Medieval Rail and Flapjack Frenzy–the maps mentioned above–only scratch the surface of the lake of unique fan-created game modes created in Forge’s 15-year lifespan.
Halo Forge–originally a map editor that was meant to let players make minor tweaks to developer-created maps–has turned into something fantastic over the decade and a half.
Fans expected much of what they knew from the first two entries in the Halo franchise: a memorable single-player campaign that followed the super-powered Master Chief and deeply engaging multiplayer that could be played until fingers grew numb.
Halo 5’s Forge mode included a rudimentary scripting system that let creators implement enemy AI and other features, but it was a “pain to work with,” according to Barry, who’s deeply experienced with scripting within Forge.
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We won’t see a fully-featured Forge on November 8 since it’s only a beta release, but a stream of content should slowly improve the workshop mode over time.