A survival game with the best baddies aroundA survival game with the best baddies aroundGiphy GIFGiphy GIF
Grounded review

A survival game with the best baddies around

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Nah, thanks, I’d rather just get munched on by one of those spiders and get it over and done with.
Sunlight beams through towering blades of grass and illuminates the ground with a warm, orange hue that makes you want to cosy up with a blanket.
It almost fools you into wanting to stay tiny forever.
They roam the garden on missions of their own.
You’re in their way, and they’d be happier if you weren’t around.
Once you get over your fear of their sheer size, hopping into creative mode and following the insects around is an absolute joy, as it proves that this is a world that could keep ticking regardless of your presence.
Occasionally awkward placement aside, the base building gives you a lot of freedom to make some expansive structures.
As you make your way through Grounded’s biomes, swimming to the depths of the Koi Pond or escaping infected bugs in The Haze, you’ll uncover new items that push you even further into this mystery and give survival a purpose.