Enrico Sassi converts wood store into micro home in Swiss villageEnrico Sassi converts wood store into micro home in Swiss villageGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Enrico Sassi converts wood store into micro home in Swiss village

A small stone building in Aldesago, Switzerland, has been transformed into a compact two-level house in a renovation by architect Enrico Sassi.
The old building was previously used as a wood store, shed and rabbit hutch, so it had few windows and no connection between its two floors.
His design, called Rustic Renovation, involved repairing the damaged stone walls, adding a new roof, installing an extra window and integrating space-efficient furnishings.
“The building was in a poor condition,” Sassi told Dezeen.
“We paid particular attention to the recovery and enhancement of the original elements.”
“She decided to renovate the building in honour of her father and a place to which she is attached,” said Sassi. It is supported by a mix of new and old timber beams, which playfully alternate.
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This level is now much brighter than before.
“Although the house is very small, it is cosy and comfortable, and does not give the feeling of being small thanks to the vertical articulation of the space,” said Sassi.
“The light falling from the skylight recessed in the roof, and the light reflected from the pitch illuminated by the high window – they give the space a special harmony,” added the architect.
“The interior space is characterised by the warmth of oak wood, the colour white, and light,” Sassi added.
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