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Elon Musk to UK minister

‘what does a tosh look like?’ By Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – It’s not just fake accounts and the financial predicament of his company that are concerning Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk – he’s also getting to grips with a British slang term for nonsense.
Britain’s Northern Ireland minister Chris Heaton-Harris had called on Musk to act on fake news after he took to Twitter to dismiss false reports that he was resigning his government post.
“Someone has sent a fake e-mail to press outlets saying I’ve resigned. This is totally untrue,” Heaton-Harris said late on Wednesday.
“I hope one of @elonmusk first moves is to eliminate fake news on Twitter … Very exciting I know, but complete and utter tosh,” he added.
His appeal to the world’s richest person elicited a surprising response from Musk, who asked: “What does a tosh look like?”
“It’s a slightly grittier form of piffle. Not dissimilar to hogwash,” one British radio presenter helpfully posted.