dog rampage in the office, temps accused me of bullying, and moredog rampage in the office, temps accused me of bullying, and moreGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

dog rampage in the office, temps accused me of bullying, and more

"About four months ago, we were asked to return to the office after two amazing years working from home, first two days a week, then Monday through Thursday." This has made the work environment completely dreadful to me.
I feel trapped, and I am seriously considering (if I don’t get a raise and this dog thing continues) looking for another job. But raise it first and see if anything changes.
"Last year we were very much a toxic workplace and I’m the only survivor. I didn’t find a new position before the current ...
...manager quit, but it wasn’t for lack of trying." We got behind on our regular work and starting using temps.
We’ve been through 13 temps in a year, not counting the three we currently have.
I know I’m a little warped from surviving the toxic phase, which is why I have sought out opportunities to work closely with other departments and attend trainings to reset my mindset.
Expectations are set up front for phone usage, parking, and a set 8-5 schedule. But I am concerned about having two now refer to me as a bully.
As far as parking, I’ve always asked (after HR told me there was an issue), “Hey, are you parked in visitor parking by any chance?” ...
...and once they confirm I’ve asked them to move their car and gently reminded them that they need to park in general parking.
For phones I’ve asked, “Oh hey, whatcha working on?” and if they responded that they didn’t currently have anything, I’ve found them work and asked that in the future they let me know when they’ve run out of work.
But someone who attacks your looks, your children, and your childhood is someone of terrible character, with terrible judgment.
"I have only ever worked at non-office jobs (Kroger, waitressing, currently a hospital employee, etc.) and it seems like an overwhelming ...
...number of people who write to you work in office jobs. So, what is everyone doing? I feel like I’m ignorant of a whole other world."
"For the first time in many years, I am searching for a new job. As a 40+ woman who has generally worked administrative jobs, I am concerned about ageism. The resume I plan to use is one page long, contains ...
...the last 15 years, and leaves off my college graduation date. Since LinkedIn is my public/online resume, the information on my LinkedIn should match the resume I’m using — is that correct?"