Barry Silbert, crypto boss on the defensiveBarry Silbert, crypto boss on the defensiveGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Barry Silbert, crypto boss on the defensive

As the impact rippled through the market, the biggest players have been trying to steady the ship.
He doesn’t do countless TV or conference appearances.
That DCG’s Genesis is the latest company to wobble after an industry shock that was started by an article on FTX by DGC’s CoinDesk is symptomatic of its reach.
What’s your take on crypto’s Barry Silbert?
Weekly highlights
On Monday two Estonian citizens were arrested and charged in connection with a $575mn crypto fraud and money laundering scheme.
Late Tuesday evening I moderated a panel discussion on crypto’s impact on the Ukraine crisis.
“Binance is not a Chinese company, we are not related to China at all, I have to repeat this many times’ just because I look Chinese.”
Soundbite of the week: Binance is ‘not a Chinese company’
Data mining: Gemini’s falling trading volume
Gemini said it was an “incredibly challenging and stressful time for our industry”.