COVID-19 Vaccines Can Make Periods Longer, Study SaysCOVID-19 Vaccines Can Make Periods Longer, Study SaysGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

COVID-19 Vaccines Can Make Periods Longer, Study Says

ide effects from vaccines are not unusual, and in fact are expected.
In a study published Sept. 27 in BMJ Medicine, researchers provide more information on this question, documenting how COVID-19 vaccines can affect menstrual cycles, as well as how long the impact lasts.
It looks like a brief change, and it goes back to normal pretty quickly.
Exactly how the vaccines can prompt changes in periods isn’t clear, but previous studies have hinted that the effect is likely related to cross-talk between the immune system—which is activated after vaccination—and the reproductive system.
Edelman and her team are also continuing to mine the data to answer other questions about how the COVID-19 vaccines might affect menstruation, including whether vaccination affects menses itself.
Building scientific knowledge around the topic can help people better track their fertility or know what to expect after getting vaccinated.
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