Chris Ballard ruined the Colts, not Alec PierceChris Ballard ruined the Colts, not Alec PierceGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Chris Ballard ruined the Colts, not Alec Pierce

During the Colts’ Monday press conference announcing former All-Pro center Jeff Saturday as their interim head coach, ...
...GM Chris Ballard expressed dissatisfaction with several parts of the team, particularly the offensive line.
“Y’all have been kicking the shit out of me for years for not drafting wideouts and all of a sudden now, I look up and we’re underperforming on the offensive line.” That’s what Ballard said.
Because 2022 is an amalgamation of several problems that had been piling up since the end of the 2020 season, all thanks to Mr. Ballard.
The left tackle position has been in shambles ever since 10-year vet Anthony Castonzo retired following an injury-marred 2020 ...
...campaign. Did the Colts draft a tackle to replace him? They passed on elite prospect Christian Darrisaw and took Kwity Paye.
Essentially, the Colts failed to pay one of their better pass rushers, tried to replace him in the draft, thus neglecting their offensive line, ...
...and tried to fix the offensive line with a 30-year-old fresh off an ACL tear, while their backup was one of the worst tackles in the league.
Meanwhile, Darrisaw is killing it as the left tackle in Minnesota. Through eight games, he’s allowing a little more than one pressure per game. They had to find a replacement pass-rusher ASAP.
Now Ballard wants to sit on his high horse and say “Neener, neener! I told you all! I didn’t want to draft a wide receiver, but you all forced my hand!” Sure, maybe the team ...
...would be better off with a rookie tackle instead of Alec Pierce, but let’s not pretend that the moves that led to this point were all perpetrated by Ballard as well.
You’d think obtaining a young, highly-touted left tackle would fall a little higher on the Colts’ to-do list with that decision. One wide receiver, but that’s the decision that ruined everything?