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A worthy successor

Call Of Duty Warzone 2 review
Not long ago I watched my Warzone Legacy, a two-minute-long compilation of my best stats from the first game, which ...
...included my K/D ratio and hours played and the like. The silly 120 second video shot me right in the feelings.
If you wanted to swap your gun for theirs? Much like its regular multiplayer modes, Warzone 2 is more deliberate than its predecessor.
But one of the more deliberate changes has seen the mode’s loot system tweaked in line with the competition, meaning that fallen enemies drop their backpacks, which act similarly to other games’ loot boxes.
This means there’s now – quite literally – a barrier to entry; an obstacle to your pilfering and moving on. No matter if you’re in a hurry when looting or taking your time, it never seems to go smoothly.
Another small tweak to Warzone’s formula includes a faster time-to-kill, as players now start with two armour plates as opposed to three, with the elusive third plate exclusive to those who’ve found an armour vest.
And the ground loot (weapons found on the floor or in crates) is varied and interesting, which is more important than ever considering loadouts are harder to come by now. Isn’t Fortnite technically still in beta?
If you die, you lose everything you took into battle. Want to demolish some AI and do some missions for EXP and loot?
Sure, DMZ isn’t flawless and could use a few more in-game events or activities to cut through some of the silence that comes from roaming a slightly bare map. Some matches are stuttery, elastic messes.
Small grievances only serve to back up my theory that the game’s backend also slides over a molten layer of rock, like when I’m queuing up for a DMZ match but ...
...seeing the “Battle Royale Quads” matchmaking whirr away, or finishing a match of Warzone and not even seeing how much EXP I earned and what levelled up.