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Babar Azam – The Tragic Hero? – The Full Toss

Today, new writer Kaukab Abid brings us a different perspective on the World T20 final.
No player will be under greater scrutiny, not to mention pressure to perform, than Pakistan’s superstar captain….
A tragic hero is typically a person of high status who falls from grace due to a tragic flaw.
Or is it something more complex, like a combination of all of these things?
Babar is arguably the best batsman that has ever played for Pakistan.
As a captain, Babar is a work in progress.
In crucial situations, he seems to misread the game and the team has paid a heavy price for it on more occasions than one.
Not using Nawaz in the Asia Cup final, and giving Nawaz the final over against India are two prime examples of blunders that cost Pakistan key games.
This is why he has been making the same mistakes again and again.