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AVENUE & SON // Various Associates – Architizer Journal

The store is integrated with the brand’s street-structure skate park, which echoes Oriental Sports Center (“the Crown of the Sea”), both representing the most chill structures in the area.
As early as 2016, AVENUE & SON, as the first representative of skateboarding culture in China, started engaging with ...
...consumers in pop-up stores, and expanding the boundary of skateboarding culture through diverse activities.
7 years later, the brand has not only attracted the attention of skaters, musicians, artists and other groups, but also has become the preferred choice for young people.
On behalf of Chinese skateboarding culture, it has interacted with many brands from around the world, such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fred, Off-White™ and Palace, to convey new ideas.05Design language from outdoors to indoors“When we asked the founders of A&S where they thought the best skate park was, their answer was ‘street’. As observing their daily activities, we found that steps, fences and even small ...
...ramps on the street were the skate tracks they loved and excelled at. Therefore, as approaching the design, we did not adopt curved slope commonly found in skate parks, but applied straight and oblique lines, which are more rigid, to interpret the elements of the street with an aesthetic language, and meanwhile to avoid the safety problems caused by curved spaces,” Various Associates explained.
It can also be used for graffiti or graphic display.
From street to avenue, the brand remains free and diverse, growing unrestrainedly.