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Real-time farming

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Pinot Grigio actually makes a white wine and it’s won a few varieties in California that, uh, is a pretty common variety that actually we make purple grapes that make a white wine.
And you can actually look at the imaging on your phone and you can actually pinpoint go out and walk to a specific vine.
Just being able to identify areas, you know, using GPS.
So, if people are dropping pins that’s….
You know, 30 years ago, in order to make a phone call, you’d have to drive in a, in a town or go to your house to call your irrigator to do stuff.
Now we can make decisions on the fly.
So before we adapted this variable rate technology, we would drive down a row and we would put a consistent amount of amendments, whether it be gypsum, lime, soil, sulfur, we would apply that amount evenly throughout the entire vineyard block.