Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Donates $50,000 To Republican Who Protested 2020 Election [Update]Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Donates $50,000 To Republican Who Protested 2020 Election [Update]Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Donates $50,000 To Republican Who Protested 2020 Election [Update]

While it’s normal for prominent business people to donate to both sides of the political aisle—so that whoever wins an election they can call in some ...
...favours—as the Republican Party lurches further to the right, some of the candidates being supported are deserving of a bit more scrutiny than usual.
“No other gaming executive has made a campaign contribution close to that size this cycle,” the Axios report clarifies, in case you wondering about the scale and context of that donation.
While $50,000 is the legal limit for donations from an individual, Kotick has used workarounds to donate much larger sums to Republican candidates in the past.
In March, a spokesperson for the Activision CEO said he “has given almost the same amount to Democrats and Republicans over the past five years.” Garcia’s campaign, and Kotick’s support of it, deserve extra scrutiny.
Like so much of the Republican party in 2022, he’s not just a conservative guy: Garcia, a MAGA devotee, was one of 139 representatives who, in January ...
...2021, even after witnessing the violence at the Capitol on January 6, voted to object to the Presidential Electoral College results from two states.
I know that nearly two years of watching the Republican Party slowly slide into a neo-fascist abyss has taken some of the sting out of this, but just take a second to note the following for the record: That the CEO of Activision Blizzard has spent $50,000 supporting a man who opposed Trump’s ...
...impeachment for his role on January 6, has “pursued draconian curbs to women’s reproductive health and freedoms,” and thinks the FBI’s investigation of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property was, “Literally tyranny of a majority right now that is acting more like a Third Reich.”
Kotick’s tenure as CEO has been marred by historic allegations of abuse and sexual harassment, which have led to major lawsuits and government investigations into conduct across several of the company’s studios.
" Mr. Kotick’s contributions are focused on candidates and causes primarily in support of veterans issues and specifically veterans employment. Mike Garcia is a decorated Navy pilot and a strong friend of veterans’ issues, who most recently introduced the bipartisan Military Spouse Licensing Relief Act of 2021. Mr. Kotick’s ... and that of the Call of Duty Foundation, which he co-chairs, is made to further the goal of ensuring all veterans have employment opportunities that reflect the sacrifices they make through their service. Mr. Kotick has, over the past five years, contributed roughly the same amount to Democrats and Republicans."