21 Coworker Farewell Messages That Stand Out From The Pack21 Coworker Farewell Messages That Stand Out From The PackGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

21 Coworker Farewell Messages That Stand Out From The Pack

Writing a farewell message to a coworker is something that many people struggle with.
Why It’s Important to Send a Farewell Message When a Coworker Leaves
Even if you don’t know your coworkers well, you can’t deny that their departure won’t change the workplace dynamic. While not required by any means, it’s part of the professional etiquette people expect when working in an office environment.
People like those signs of appreciation and having their contributions recognized. Another reason to send a farewell message to your coworker is to maintain a good working relationship.
The best farewell messages show gratitude and provide a personal touch that makes your statement memorable.
How to Write a Great Farewell Message to a Colleague
Be Creative
Whether it was a challenging project or fun jokes at the water cooler, you can reminisce as you say goodbye.
There’s no need to write a novel when saying goodbye.
Keep It Short
Provide Contact Information
If you want to stay in touch, include your contact information. Provide your personal email and add them on LinkedIn. Having contact information and being connected on LinkedIn could come in handy later.
Should You Use an Email or a Card?
Alternatively, someone may get a card for the departing coworker that everyone can sign to congratulate them on the next phase of their career.
The farewell message you send to your coworker should be unique and personal to the relationship you had. Use them as inspiration when writing your own messages.
Farewell Messages for Inspiration
They may have also trained or mentored you.
Farewell Messages for Bosses & Managers
Farewell Messages for Coworkers
They aren’t your direct supervisor, but you may have worked closely with them at some point. More importantly, I’ll miss everything you do.
Good luck in the next chapter of your career, and please keep in touch.”
Farewell Messages If You’re the One Leaving
In fact, it can be downright fun once you get the hang of it!