Silent Hill Transmission Livestream To Reveal “Latest Updates” On October 19


The future of the Silent Hill franchise has been as foggy as the town itself for some time, but the fog will soon clear as Konami has announced a Silent Hill Transmission livestream for October 19 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET.

According to a Sunday tweet from the official Konami Twitter account, the “latest updates for the Silent Hill series” are set to be discussed during the event. No specific details about the livestream, or whether it will focus on games or other types of media, have been announced.

Reactions and responses to the Konami tweet could offer some clues about what is to come during the Silent Hill Transmission. The franchise’s longtime music composer, Akira Yamaoka, retweeted Konami via his personal account, as did artist Masahiro Ito, who is credited with the creation of Silent Hill’s iconic villain Pyramid Head… even if he wishes he never had. Others not associated with any Silent Hill project at the moment, including Elijah Wood, also referenced the announcement in separate tweets.

The livestream announcement comes weeks after a previously unknown game, Silent Hill: The Short Message, appeared on a Korean ratings board. Rumors have swirled about a new game in the franchise since earlier this year, including one that said “multiple Silent Hill projects” were in the works.

If a new game is announced, it would be the first new entry in the Silent Hill franchise since 2012, which saw a core entry in March with Silent Hill: Downpour, as well as a side project called Silent Hill: Book of Memories which was released in October for the PlayStation Vita.

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