Orlando TV Reporter Rescues Woman Whose Vehicle Got Stuck In Hurricane Ian Floodwaters


A reporter for an Orlando TV station rescued a woman who got stuck in her car as she had attempted to drive through Hurricane Ian floodwater.

WESH-TV broadcast a report from reporter Tony Atkins in which he carried the woman to safety. He and his crew were on Orange Avenue, which has been flooded by high waters.

“This car eventually got stuck, then I saw a hand come out and I heard help,” Atkins told viewers. “I looked around for a number of things — alligators and things like that. Also downed power lines. But most importantly I looked for law enforcement that could help rescue that woman. But no one was there. It was so dark. She did ask for help and I just didn’t know her status.”

Atkins said that he “just decided to slowly make my way out there and just help her out.” He said that the woman was very concerned about getting to work, as she worked as a nurse. The crew caught images of Atkins carrying the woman to shallower waters.

“I’m just glad she…got to work safe,” he said.

Reporters from local stations and national news outlets reported throughout the night on the damage as the hurricane passed through, so far primarily capturing images of destruction caused by flooding.

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