India Cricket Team Presented New T-Shirt for T20 World Cup 2022- Do Colors Matter in Sports?


Image: New India jersey for T20 WC. (Twitter/BCCI)

A new jersey has been released for the Indian cricket team ahead of the 2022 ICC World Cup, which will also be worn for the Australian and South African home series. On this occasion, the design presents a slight deviation from the most recent jerseys. Now, it is played with a lighter tone reminiscent of the first shirts.

It is a change that already seemed like a tradition for the national team. Does it matter what colours national teams wear? It is a change that already seemed like a tradition for the national team. Let us look at cricket and other sports to find out.

The India Cricket’s Jersey Over the Years

The Indian cricket team’s jersey has undergone many transformations. The first kit of India was a maroon and white jersey which was changed to a yellow jersey in 1982. The following change was made in 1988 when they changed their jerseys to pink and green stripes. In 1996, they went back to their traditional blue and white jerseys. 

They kept this look until 2003, when they changed to dark blue lines on the sides. Anyway, the pattern has been repeated many times. And this year, the team surprised their fans with a new change.

Is the Indian Team Superstitious about Colours?

The Indian cricket team has been wearing some variation of blue for decades, and they seem to prefer this colour above others. Some say that it is because of a matter of superstition. Still, the truth is that the team has a reason for sticking with this particular colour scheme: it helps them stand out on television screens.

The world’s first colour TV broadcast took place in Britain in 1938. By the early ’50s, India was already airing cricket games in colour. If you look at old footage from those broadcasts (and yes, we did), you can see many featured players in blue jerseys and white pants standing against green pitches.

Using such a vibrant colour could help them to stay at the top of the minds of bettors

In recent years, the India cricket team has made a huge splash in the world of sports by winning every major tournament they have participated in. They have become one of the most popular teams in all of cricket and have also started to gain attention from bettors.

The question on everyone’s mind is: will they be able to keep up their streak and win again this time? And the answer is “yes”. This has attracted the attention of new bettors, check every tip available in this guide for more information on this topic, since the odds can change now and then, depending on the results of each encounter.

As a matter of fact, if a team is successful in sportsbooks, it is better positioned in the industry. So, wearing a colour that stands out helps the team stay top of mind with bettors throughout the tournament and during the off-season when any team from India or abroad plays no matches.


The Indian cricket team looks to hold their own in an important tournament with a uniform that suits their style of play.

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