Genshin Impact ‘Garden of Endless Pillars’ domain puzzle walkthrough


Genshin Impact’s “Garden of Endless Pillars” is a domain that’s partially hidden underground when you first see it in the top left corner of the desert map.

There are some invisible walls around the domain that aren’t too hard to navigate, but they prevent off from simply being able to quickly run from one Pyro pillar to the next. You’ll need to light the Pyro pillars around the domain to actually access it. The order in which you hit the Pyro pillars relates to how many Pyro flowers are close to the pillar, starting from zero.

If you don’t want to think too hard about it, we marked the pillars in the order you need to hit them below.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Hoyoverse

Once you light the pillars, the invisible walls will disappear, allowing you to pick up the Redcrest fruit off the cactuses easily.

This domain can only be cleared for rewards once. It gives you Primogems, Dendro Sigils, and other upgrade materials.

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