Fortnite players on iOS can no longer spend their V-bucks


If you’re one of the remaining survivors playing Fortnite on iOS, any V-Bucks you’ve bought over the years are now worthless, and can no longer be spent in-game.

This means that any premium currency bought with real world dollar-doos or pound sterling is absolutely useless. A meaningless figure displayed on your account that’ll forever display your wasted paychecks. Unless it’s a zero, in which case you’re good bud!

You can watch the latest cinematic for the massive game overhaul here!

As for why this all happened, you can thank the Epic x Apple lawsuit from 2021. Both companies went to war over payment options on the iOS platform. While it was largely a great result for developers, Epic Games still had to pay Apple a hefty fine, and Fortnite has not been listed on the Apple store since. As it’s not downloadable, Epic has not updated it since the legal battle.

This means that Fortnite on iOS, for those who still have it installed, has basically been abandonware for over a year. The servers are still up, but the game has been left in the past while all other platforms have been receiving all the new chapters, weapons, cosmetics and more.

All this has led up to today, where due to Epic Games’ desire for all versions of Fortnite to use their updated online services (including parental controls implemented after the company was sued $520 million for privacy violations and deceptive interfaces that violate the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), you can’t even spend you fake video game money on iOS anymore.

What a roller coaster. While this is of course a strange moment in the history of the popular battle royale, let’s raise a glass for those with cash stuck in limbo on their iOS devices.

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