Carlos Correa challenges Twins to re-sign him: ‘They’ve just got to come get it’


Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa is expected to opt out of his contract and test free agency this winter. On Thursday, he made clear that the price tag to retain him will not be an easy one to meet.

Correa said Thursday that he is a “product.” Like any other product, teams will have to pay for Correa. In other words, the shortstop will not entertain any discounts this winter.

“I go to the mall and I go to the Dior store and I want something, I get it,” Correa said. “I ask how much it costs and I buy it. If you really want something, you just go get it. I’m the product here, and if they want my product, they’ve just got to come get it.”

Correa wound up taking a short-term deal last winter when the long-term pact he wanted failed to materialize. The three-year, $105 million agreement was not cheap and contained multiple opt-outs, but it certainly was not as long as he wanted it to be. He sounds determined to avoid the same thing happening this time around.

Correa hit .287 with 21 home runs this year and looks to be as reliable as ever. He seems to be comfortable with the Twins, but money will matter a great deal here.

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